The Financial Commission and protecting trader interests

The Financial Commission (FC) —

is an independent organisation specialising in regulating disputes between brokers and traders involved in the Forex market. The Commission is committed to transparency and simplicity in all of its dealings.

The purpose of the FC is to be fast, objective and professional in its resolution of disputes between traders and brokers.

Financial commission

What does the Financial Commission provide for you?

Protection from the Commission's Compensation Fund of up to 20,000$ per case

Access to a neutral, interest-free realm for addressing complaints

A swift, efficient, investigation and resolution (as opposed to rigid and bureaucratic regulatory bodies)

The ability to learn and receive answers, never being ' kept in the dark'.

FCA or any other regulation compared to Financial Commission

If you believe that you have experienced malpractice, the FC has a professional, impartial board of directors, ready to consider your case. If the FC rules in your favour, they will provide compensation up to $20,000 USD via their ‘Compensation Fund’. All rulings made by the FC are based on facts alone, with cases being decided on the basis of how compelling they are. The FC aims to provide traders with greater security, without limiting their trading conditions..

ASIC is considered to be one of the top regulatory bodies in the world, however, it cannot match the FC’s commitments to traders due to its lack of a compensation plan. Additionally, the MiFID & the FCA might offer similar compensatory funds, they also place limitations on trading, making simple interactions unnecessarily complex, and slow. The FC provides an alternative option for traders, an impartial, hassle-free substitute.

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