Alibaba IPO Campaign - Terms and Conditions

1. General terms

1.1. „Alibaba IPO“ campaign (hereinafter referred to as “Campaign”) is held from September 17.09 till 19.09 at 10.00 AM (GMT+2).

1.2. The Campaign is held by MTrading (hereinafter referred to as “MTrading”).

1.3. The official url of the Campaign is

1.4. Only people at the age of 18 or older who are fans,followers of MTrading Facebook/Twitter pages can participate in the Campaign.

1.5. By participating in the Campaign, the participant agrees to the terms and conditions of the Campaign and to the publishing of his full name and his submitted comment in any MTrading’ Facebook/Twitter Post or on any other websites associated with MTrading.

1.6. To participate in the Campaign the participant must predict Alibaba’s stock price in a comment/reply to the Facebook/Twitter Update no later than on September 19, 2014, at 18:00 (UTC-05).

1.7. The comment is valid for participation in the Campaign only if it states the Alibaba’s closing stock price in USD up to two decimal points, e.g. $54.34

1.8. The earliest reply with the correctly predicted price will be the winner.

1.9. Each participant ought to use only one, real Facebook/Twitter account with real name and surname to participate in the contest. In case you win and you cannot prove that your Facebook account is your primary and only account which matches with the name and surname of the prize account holder, you will be excluded from the contest.

1.10. The participant must leave only one prediction on either MTrading Global any MTrading’ local page or Admiral Markrets’ official Twitter profile. Leaving multiple comments on different pages or social social media channels is strictly prohibited.

1.11. The results of the Campaign will be published on the Campaign Page by September 23, 2014.

1.12. To receive the prize the winner needs to open a ForexBall Trading account and send the account number and email address associated with this account to

2. Prizes

21. If the participant has not yet registered at Traders’ Room, he can do so at The participant’s right to receive the prize is terminated if he hasn’t registered at Traders’ Room in the period of 4 calendar days from the publication of results.

2.2. The prize of 250 USD is credited to the winner’s new live M.Demo account denominated in either USD or EUR at MTrading.

2.3. The winner cannot fully or partially withdraw the prize amount from his live trading account or transfer it to other trading accounts before reaching the following Trading Volume Requirement:

Funded live account Trading Volume Requirement
250 USD 50 lots

2.4. In case Trading Volume Requirement is reached by using non-FX instruments, conditions established in paragraph 2.9 apply.

2.5. Trading Volume Requirement is calculated in lots, whereas 1 lot equals to 100 000 currency units traded 'round-turn', i.e. opening of 100 000 currency unit position and closure of this same position will be counted as 1 lot of Trading Volume Requirement, if it complies with the terms set forth in paragraph 2.8.

2.6. A valid trade for Trading Volume Requirement calculation is a full round turn, closed trade that complies with all three of the following criteria:

  • the trade remained open at least 15 minutes 00 seconds;
  • the profit or loss in this trade is at least 3 points or more;
  • the trade was not hedged. A hedged trade means opening a reversed position and therefore offsetting trade on the same instrument in equal or similar (±30%) size within 15 minutes of opening the initial position.

2.7. Due to the significant difference in margin requirements and default contract sizes for non-currency instruments, the calculation of Trading Volume Requirement for such instruments is carried out by MTrading with the following dividers:


GOLD – 1, SILVER - 10

Commodities futures CFDs:

GAS - 5, OIL - 5

Indices CFDs:

WIG40 - 200,

SP500 - 100,

NQ100, CAC40, STOXX50 - 50,

FTSE100, DAX30, JP225, ASX200, IBEX35 - 20,

DJI30, MIB40 - 10

Stocks CFDs:

All stocks CFDs - 1000


When a Participant opens a position for 100 contracts of FTSE index, the number of the contracts (100) is divided by the divider of the instrument (20), so the order size that will be taken into account for calculating the Trading Volume Requirement is: 100 / 20 = 5 lots.

2.8. The time for completing the Trading Volume Requirement is limited. If the Trading Volume Requirement has not been completed within 180 calendar days from the day of receiving the prize on the new live trading account, the prize will expire and MTrading is entitled to remove the prize amount from the trading account without prior notice.

2.9. If a winner makes a deposit of his own funds to the new live trading account, then such funds shall be the first ones to cover any losses which result from trading.

2.10. The winner can receive the respective prize only once.

3. Final Provisions

3.1. At all times, MTrading reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Campaign or cancel this Campaign without prior notice.

3.2. MTrading accepts requests for the prize only in accordance with the present terms and conditions of the Campaign.

3.3. The decisions made by MTrading during the Campaign are final. If MTrading suspects that a participant abused or attempted to abuse the Campaign or otherwise acted with a lack of good faith, MTrading reserves the right to deny, withhold, cancel or withdraw from that participant any entitlement to the prize. In addition, the General Terms and Conditions established by MTrading shall apply.

3.4. All disputes or situations not covered by these terms and conditions will be resolved according to MTrading’ Procedure for Resolution of Client Complaints.

3.5. It is the sole responsibility of the participant to ensure that all taxes and fees applicable to the prizes in their country are paid.

Warning: Trading with currencies and CFDs is speculative in nature and could involve the risk of loss. Such trading is not suitable for all investors, so before using the service, please acknowledge the risks associated with trading.

Participation in the Campaign should not be a motivating factor for trading currencies and CFDs.