DinPay Instructions

To proceed with payment you will be redirected to the payment system site, after the payment completed you will be redirected back.

  1. Please note, that your name and surname specified in the Trader's room must fully match with the name and surname specified on the card. If the names do not match there can be delays of up to 24 hours in processing the payments.
  2. Please be advised that third party payments will not be processed.
  3. Corporate debit cards are not accepted.
  4. Please note that after funding your account via a debit card, you will be able to withdraw your funds exclusively to your bank account.
  5. Debit card deposits are processed in up to an hour, in extraordinary circumstances, it may take up to twelve hours for the deposit to be credited to your trading account. If your deposit has not been credited to your account after twelve hours, please get in touch with MTrading’s customer support. Please be ready to provide bank transfer slip, the amount of transfer, date and time of your transaction.
  6. Minimum amount for deposit through Debit Card is 100 CNY.
  7. Please keep your anti-virus software up-to-date and check your computer for viruses before using any payment systems.
  8. By using our services the user agrees to the possibility of vulnerability to failure, delay and/or disruption of online payment systems.
  9. By using our services the user agrees that under no circumstances shall MTrading be held liable for any delays, malfunctions and/or outages of the payment system and/or the results of such delays, malfunctions and/or outages.