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How to Earn money in Financial Markets with little Experience

Sep 12, 2019 / 20:00 - 21:00


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Webinar with Q&A will highlight the latest methods of market forecasting, applied to the most prospective assets of liquid financial markets.

A professional trader will share trade experiences such as capital maintenance, growth, trading ideas, and working strategies

You will learn:

▪ Know how to make a profit on advanced broker platforms

▪ Learn how to trade successfully

▪ Find the best financial instrument for you

▪ Choose the most attractive asset to buy

▪ Discover the forecasting methods

▪ Study the formulas for profitable trading

Webinar speaker
Ola Samuel

A professional Forex educator with over 4 years of experience in Currency and Commodities markets. Main areas of expertise are Currency trading, the MetaTrader terminal, fundamental & technical analyses and advanced trading strategies.