PHILIPPINES: Free Trading Workshop Pt. 1 - Introduction to Online Trading

Jessel Dagno

Discover the opportunities in the financial markets. Learn the basics of FX, the terminologies and, most importantly, what to expect by participating in this exciting new endeavor.

To enter the webinar, choose it in the webinar schedule, register with your email to reserve the spot and get your Zoom link. Find a quiet place, make sure nothing distracts you, put on your headphones and prepare to take notes. Jean, trading psychology expert, and Amanda, a forex trading expert, will share the best trading insights for beginners.

You will learn:

  • Forex Trading Defined 

Duration: 15 min

- forex explained: forex as a foreign exchange market, market participants
- characteristics of forex trading: advantages of investing, why people invest in FX

  • Basis for Forex

Duration: 40 min

- currency pairs: majors, minors, exotics
- charts: line chart, bar chart, candlestick chart

- trends: uptrend, downtrend, sideways

- forex quote and definition of terms 

  • Methods of Trading 

Duration: 30 min

- manual trading: how to place trades, the trading platform (MT4)
- copy trading: copy masters, how to copy deals
- using expert advisors: advantages, disadvantages

  • The Broker 

Duration: 15 min

- MTrading overview: how it helps beginner traders

- MTrading services and products: M.Premium and M.Pro accounts, PAMM and CopyTrading, etc.

  • Setting up an Account 

Duration: 10 min

- account main setup

- funding options: internet banking, bank card payment, e-wallets, crypto

Jessel Dagno

Jessel has worked in the investment scene for over four (4) years. Her experience in Forex and other investments such as Stocks, and Mutual Funds has allowed her to be one of our beloved facilitators of trading analysis. Her primary focus is on the benefits and application of technical analysis in your trades

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