"Profit Bonus” Terms and Conditions

1. General Terms

The “‘Profit Bonus” campaign (“Campaign”) is designed to promote MTrading activity and to reward clients by providing additional bonus to the Client’s balance when they accrue profit on their trading account during the whole period of the Campaign.

The Campaign is organized by MTrading (“MTrading”).

The “Profit Bonus” campaign is valid for residents of Bangladesh.

The registration period and funding of the account will work as follows.

Funding Month : Registration and Funding
End of Month 1 : 1st Profit bonus payout (total profit of the funding month and month 1)
End of Month 2 : 2nd Profit bonus payout (total profit of month 2)
End of Month 3 : 3rd Profit bonus payout (total profit of month 3)

New clients can only register for the campaign through the official campaign registration page, and by opening an M.Standard or M.Pro account.

Existing clients are eligible to participate in the campaign if their accounts are not enrolled for any ongoing bonus scheme. In cases where clients have accounts with pending bonus schemes, they will have to open a new account to avail of the profit bonus.

Each participant (“Participant”) will be entitled to a bonus amount (“Bonus”), which is calculated under the following conditions:

Minimum Deposit : 1000 USD

Bonus : 10% bonus on accrued Profit (“Profit”) individually calculated, on each of the 3 consecutive months of the campaign after registration.

  1. Funding Month : Registration and Funding

  2. End of Month 1 : 1st Profit bonus payout (total profit of the funding month and month 1)

  3. End of Month 2 : 2nd Profit bonus payout (total profit of month 2)

  4. End of Month 3 : 3rd Profit bonus payout (total profit of month 3)

Example: Client A joins the campaign on the 2 nd of November and deposits 1000 USD on the 3 rd of November. By the 31st of December, client has accrued a profit of 500 USD. On the 31 st of December ‘Bonus profit’ will be added to his account in the amount of 50 USD . On the 1st of January a total equity in client’s account is 1550 USD. By the 31st of January, Client A managed to accrue another 300 USD (from 31st December to 31st of January) in profit. Therefore, on the 1st of February he will have equity of 1880 USD (1550USD + 300 USD + 10% of 300 USD). By the end of the month of February, client A has accrued a profit of 700 USD, which allows him to another bonus of 70 USD. Total equity by the end of the campaign will be 2650 USD.

Profit is to be considered as the money a person gets from trading in its net value. Conversion from Admiral Club Points, Refer a Friend Bonus and other items will not be counted as Profit.

Profit will be calculated during the last day of each month of the campaign as stated above. Both closed and open P/L will be taken into account for calculation of accrued profit.

The Bonus constitutes additional balance on the Participant’s account and is therefore a part of the balance of the trading account, which can be used to cover trading losses.

This amount cannot be withdrawn nor transferred to other accounts before the expiration of the Campaign period.

Participants are not limited in making additional deposits to their trading accounts in order to ensure they will make profit. However, the Bonus will be calculated based on the profit made during the month (Bonus= Equity – Total Deposits for each of the months of the campaign)

Under no circumstances should a Participant’s trading strategy take into account the terms and conditions of this Campaign. All trading decisions should be made based upon the Participant’s understanding of the markets and involved risks, as well as the Participant’s specific trading strategies.

2. Receiving Bonus

The Bonus can only be provided to the Participants who have accepted the terms and conditions on the website, opened a new account and have funded it.

After the Participant’s trading account has been funded, the Participant has to notify the MTrading’ manager via e-mail to apac-marketing@Mtrading.com, to arrange a Bonus assignment to the Participant’s trading account.

Bonuses will only be credited to the real trading account that was funded by the Participant, at the end of each of the month for the duration of the campaign.

3. Withdrawals from trading accounts during the Campaign

Once credited to a client’s trading account, the Bonus remains linked to this same account and cannot be withdrawn either partially or in full amount if clients want to avail of subsequent bonuses until campaign period is over.

Internal transfers of the Bonus to other trading accounts are not allowed either partially or in full amount if client wants to avail of subsequent bonuses until campaign period is over.

Participant can withdraw accrued profits and earlier deposits from trading accounts. Participant understands and agrees that in cases in which a withdrawal of deposited funds occurs before campaign period is over, this will lead to the total removal of the Bonus from the Participant’s account and to the cancelation of their participation on the campaign.

If Campaign Participants will succeed in accruing profit during the Campaign Period, the Bonus will automatically be available for withdrawal within 48 hours of campaign conclusion.

4. Final Provisions

MTrading reserves the right to amend, change or cancel this Campaign, at all times, with prior notice to the current Participants via email.

If MTrading suspects that a Campaign Participant has abused or attempted to abuse the Campaign or otherwise acted with a lack of good faith towards MTrading, MTrading reserves the right to deny, withhold, cancel or withdraw from the Participant any Bonus amounts, and, if necessary, to cancel any terms and conditions of this campaign and client agreement with respect to that Campaign Participant, either temporarily or permanently, or to terminate that Participant's access to the services and/or block that Participant's account(s).

Trading in the Forex and CFD markets entails significant risk. Participation in the Forex and CFD markets should not be undertaken unless the Participant is fully aware of and understands the risks involved in trading. Participation in this Campaign should not be a motivating factor when considering participation in the Forex and CFD markets.

It is the sole responsibility of the Participant to ensure that all applicable taxes and fees on Bonuses in their country are paid.

All disputes or situations not covered by these terms and conditions will be resolved according to MTrading’ Procedure for Resolution of Client Complaints