Market Heat Map

Use this heat map as a market radar to follow price movements and daily trading intelligence. See the biggest up/down market movements, long/short trading opportunities, daily trends, market volatility and other key metrics. Real-time data from our M.Premium account. Learn more

Top movers today

Knowing the market´s latest movements, provides you with opportunities to go short or long at the right time.

Top movers over the last 24 hours

The biggest movers (%) on Forex and CFD markets over the last 24 hours.

Top movers yesterday

The biggest movers (%) on Forex and CFD markets yesterday.

Move vs range today

View today´s most volatile instruments.

Move vs range yesterday

View yesterday´s most volatile instruments.

Last 48 hour moves

View volatile trading instruments over the last 48 hours.

Last 2 day moves

View the most volatile trading instruments over the past 2 days.

Currency moves

See today's most volatile Forex instruments.

Currency ranges

See today's market range on the Foreign Exchange.

Complete instruments list

This list shows the market information that MTrading uses to determine the market´s movers and shakers. Feel free to use it as a personal market analysis tool, to check market volatility whenever you need to.