Forex Basics

Explore the fundamental principles of Forex Trading. Read educational articles on trading intricacies, analyzing charts, using leverage and opening a trading account. Learn more about the best currency pairs to trade, stop-loss appliance, risk management, trading strategies and more.

Forex Basics
  • How to Trade on Earnings Reports

    What is the earnings season, how many are there within a year and how to trade on them? Find out how to make quick and low-risk profit several times a year with earnings reports.

  • ​How to Spot Forex Scams

    Many people fall for Forex scams these days. Find out how to trade Forex safely. Learn how to spot a forex scam and how to find a trusted broker.

  • The Most Successful Forex Traders

    Read about the top-three Forex traders in History! The man, who broke the Bank of England, the Sultan of Currencies, and others. Find out the breathtaking experience and trading tips of greatest traders on Forex.

  • How to Read Forex Charts

    This article contains information about forex trading charts: what types of forex charts are the best, how to analyze them and why reading candlestick charts is the best thing you can learn today.

  • ​Major Currencies in Forex Trading

    This article explains how to read currency exchange rates, how to trade currency pairs, what is the best time for trading currencies, and what makes a currency pair liquid.

  • How to Trade Commodities

    This article contains information about the types of commodities and ways to invest in them, explains how to trade commodities, including CFDs, and what drives commodity prices.

  • Forex Trading Ultimate Guide: Part 3

    This article is a beginner’s guide for Forex traders. Read the article and find there much useful info about trading psychology, market analysis, risk management and popular forex strategies going with trading tips!

  • Forex Trading Ultimate Guide: Part 2

    This article is a beginner’s guide for Forex traders. Read the article and learn everything about the spread and CFDs, see how leverage can boost or ruin your trade and grasp some trader’s vocabulary!

  • Forex Trading Ultimate Guide: Part 1

    This article is a beginner’s guide for Forex traders. Read the article to find out how Forex works, what instruments to trade and what quotes and liquidity are.

  • How does Forex Market Work?

    Beginners often lack knowledge of how Forex trading works, or if it works at all. Some traders start trading with wrong motives, unrealistic goals, greed or haste. This article will help FX traders to puzzle out the complicated picture of Foreign Exchange trading.

  • Forex Backtesting

    Learn how to back test your forex trading strategies with MTrading, using the MT4 Supreme editions backtesting software in a risk free environment. This article will show you how to set it up and get started.