Best Automated Trading Software for Beginners to Choose in 2021

Automated trading software minimizes trading risks. Users can trade without the element of psychological or mental confusion.

Top Fundamental Analysis Tools You Will Definitely Need

Fundamental analysis tools make it possible for traders to establish an in-depth business overview.

What Is the Meaning of Nasdaq?

Nasdaq meaning refers to one of the biggest stock and security markets. Actually, Nasdaq is the second-largest stock exchange where traders process transactions electronically.

What Is Dow Theory and How to Use It in Trading?

The Dow Theory is only one of a few tools today’s traders can use when involved in technical analysis.

What Is a Forex Card and What Is It Necessary for?

Forex card meaning refers to a safe and simple way to carry one or multiple currencies when you plan to travel or go overseas on business.

What Is Monetary Policy and What Are the Tools for its Implementation?

To explain monetary policy, we need to think of it as the macroeconomic process established by central banks to achieve specific goals set by the government.

Trading On Equity Meaning, Advantages, and Potential Risks

Trading on equity describes a process of making a profit for shareholders from a company’s debt.

What Is Bid and How Does It Work in Forex Trading?

A bid is a term that describes an offer made by a purchaser (either a corporation or individual) to buy a specific asset.

Stock Dividend Meaning, Advantages, and Potential Risks

The stock dividend meaning can be described as a method utilized by companies to provide shareholders with specific types of wealth or earnings.

Return on Assets Calculation and Formula

Return on assets or ROA for short is a specific metric that helps to determine, measure, and calculate the company’s profitability in terms of total assets it has.

What Is Foreign Institutional Investment and How Does it Work?

A foreign institutional investor or FII for short is an individual who chooses foreign assets for investment.

Credit Default Swap Meaning and Explanation

Also known as a CDS swap, a credit default swap refers to a specific type of derivatives used by the buyers to prevent the risk of default and other financial threats.

What Is Hedge and How Does it Work?

Hedging meaning in the stock market describes a financial strategy. It is utilized by investors generally in terms of trading futures contracts.

What Is the Difference Between Stock and Share?

The difference between stock and share is minor. That is why it is often overlooked by beginners.

Future Contracts Explained for Beginners

A futures contract lets traders buy or sell a specific asset at a predetermined price for a later date.