M.Cashback is a new improvement just introduced that allows you to redeem Admiral Club points for REAL MONEY in your account. You can get Rebates on every trade you make.

With M.Cashback you receive money directly into your account and you decide whether to operate or withdraw the money to your bank account. So good! It's that easy!

Admiral Club is a program that rewards our clients with real accounts. It's completely free. All our customers earn points based on the volume of operations performed and then redeem those points for cash.

The registration on M. Cashback takes place in the Trader’s Room, and the points are received automatically.

Admiral Club points are gained as follows:

1 Forex lot = 100,000 currency units

1 Forex lot = 100 Admiral Club points

0.1 Forex lot = 10 points Admiral Club

0.01 Forex lot = 1 Admiral Club

Redeem your Admiral Club points and get REAL MONEY in your account!

Terms of Admiral Club ™ and calculation of ‘Points to Money’:

  • Points remain valid for 12 months from the activation date of Admiral Club ™
  • Points must be redeemed for rewards in the above mentioned period period. After this time, the body loses Admiral Club ™ value.
  • The profit or loss on the closed position needs to be more than 2 x spread on the traded instrument for the calculation of points of Admiral Club ™.
  • Position must be open for at least 15 minutes.
  • If a customer has more than one real account with MTrading, points will be in calculated as a combination of all of the accounts.
  • Admiral Club ™ program is not open to legal entities which have corporate Real accounts with MTrading.
  • If you have questions, please contact your local office.