Crude Oil CFD Announcement

Crude Oil CFD Announcement

Dear MTraders,

A few changes are coming regarding Crude Oil CFD trading conditions.

Briefly: WTI will be no longer available since June 13, so now positions are in Close Only mode until the end of the trading session on Friday, June 12, and will be closed automatically after that.

Good news: We provide our clients with an opportunity to trade crude oil with a new instrument, which will be similar to WTI with a few changes, and will have a new symbol - CRUDOIL.


From Monday, June 15, a new CFD on US crude oil will be added to our contract specifications and replace WTI. You will also be able to see updated margin requirements for this instrument.

Old symbol (WTI) -> New symbol (CRUDOIL)

Stay tuned to see news and changes in our contract specifications!

Feel free to contact our support if you have questions, and let the good trading luck be with you!