DAX30 Index expands into DAX40!

Dear MTraders, 

One of the most popular MTrading CFD instruments has evolved to something bigger! DAX30 has expanded the number of its constituent companies to become DAX40. The changes will be introduced by MTrading on OCTOBER 25, 2021.

DAX30 comprises 30 largest German companies by market capitalization. The newly introduced DAX40 companies are the following: 

  • Airbus SE  
  • Zalando SE 
  • Siemens Healthineers AG 
  • Symrise AG 
  • HelloFresh SE 
  • Sartorius AG Vz  
  • Porsche SE 
  • Brenntag SE 
  • Puma SE  
  • Qiagen N.V. 

Why trade DAX

Haven’t tried trading DAX before? See what you’re missing out on. New name, more benefits:

- The DAX index is one of the most volatile trading instruments which explains its popularity. Traders can see movements such as 1,000 pips per month, or around 50 pips per day. So tracking DAX, whether it’s going up or down, is rather beneficial.

- One point in the DAX index represents €1 for one full contract. You can trade more than 1 contract and multiply your results accordingly. So many chances for profitable trading!

- The minimum lot for trading DAX is 0.1 at MTrading. It makes you flexible in choosing your trading strategy. No matter what minimum lot you choose, you’ll be able to benefit from price movements. 

- MTraders can profit from the leverage rate up to 1:500 and a typical spread of 0.8 pips. 

Remember when trading with leverage you multiply the possibilities of your profits and losses as well. However, if anything goes just not as expected, stop loss orders will prevent you from losing funds. Great news is that MTrading has no minimum stop distance so you can tailor stop loss orders to your expectations and put them as near as you like to feel safe. 

For more information about trading DAX with MTrading visit our contract specifications page

If you trade DAX, note the following:

The index rebalancing procedure will be used to add new constituent companies to DAX. That means there will be no technical impact on the DAX prices and the actual index level will stay the same. 

You can expect some changes in your MT4 settings. If you use Expert Advisors (EAs) or indicators, they will need to be transferred to the renewed DAX BEFORE OCTOBER 23, 2021. If you have relevant open positions, remember to save the templates for the settings you currently use and apply them on the new DAX 40 chart. 

To move your indicators or EAs to DAX40 or use technical analysis objects on the DAX40 chart, follow these simple steps:

1. Right-click on the [DAX30] chart area;

2. Go to the chart menu -> Templates section;

3. Click ‘Save Template’ and save it with a unique name.

1. Right-click on the [DAX40] chart area

2. Go to the chart menu -> Templates section;

3. Click ‘Load Template’ and select the template that you saved previously. 

If there are no relevant open positions or settings applied to your account, and you’d like to trade DAX40, add a new symbol to Market watch and set it up as you prefer.  


If there are any open DAX30 positions in your account at the end of the weekly trading session on October 22, please be informed that during the weekend before the change is applied, OCTOBER 23-24, MTrading is going to update all the open positions and pending orders (if there are any) to the new DAX40 index. No actions should be taken by our customers with their positions and orders. 

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May your trades be even more successful after the change!