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Invite people to copy your trades

Would you like to multiply profits from every successful trade you make? Invite others to sign up to your trading signals and receive a commission fee for each trade copied by your direct followers!

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Reasons to get started

Advantages of copy trading

More profile exposure

Flexible commission settings

Additional IB commissions

Providing signals is simple

How it works


You trade and provide public access to your deals.


A rating system inside the Trader`s Room displays you among other traders according to your trading performance.


Your detailed statistics, growth, balance and equity charts, as well as the full trading history help subscribers to choose you from the crowd.


Invite your clients and sub-IBs to open a live account with MTrading and encourage them to subscribe either to your trading signals or trades of other signal providers. You will be getting your Performance fee even when your referrals follow another signal provider!


Every referrals` subscription will bring you more profit - no matter if it`s yours or other signal providers

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