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New, typical spreads

Typical spreads are our most common spreads per instrument across all trading periods over the previous calendar month.

Instrument Spread before Typical spread
eur/usd EUR/USD 2.0 1.2
eur/usd DAX30 2.0 0.8
eur/usd GOLD 50.0 22.0
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Over 101 trading instruments
Outstanding leverage 1:1000
Minimum deposit 100 $
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Most popular instruments

MTrading is a fully reliable online broker, that offers you a wide selection of 53 stocks, 38 currency pairs, 10 indices and 7 commodities. Here are the most popular instruments, that our clients love to trade:

Spread 1.3
Spread 1.3
Spread 4.0
Spread 0.4
Spread 7.0
Spread 8.0

We`ve been awarded

In 2016, MTrading was recognised as a Best Broker by Forex EXPO. This award was granted in recognition of our excellent trading conditions, wide range of products and our attention to customer care.

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MTrading does not directly handle you funds. We work with your local bank to secure your financial transactions. All deposits and withdrawals are conducted through our local affiliate banks.