MTrading Loyalty Program

MTrading loyalty program is a rewards program that offers bonuses to clients who attract new customers to MTrading services. Registration for the loyalty program is automatic and free of charge.

The program features three partnership levels: Basic, Gold and Platinum. A new Partner starts at the Basic level. Upon accumulating the required amount of loyalty points within the calendar month, the Partner advances to the Gold and Platinum level at the beginning of the following month.

A single loyalty point corresponds to the minimum amount that a client can open on the M.Standard and M.Pro account. The current amount of accumulated loyalty points is available in the Partner’s Reports page. Transactions of less than three minutes are not included in the calculation of loyalty points.

Every level above the Basic gives access to additional partnership funds. The Partner has the right to withdraw the bonus funds or use them for trading. The amount of bonus funds depends on the Partner’s level.

By default, every level above the Basic is active for one calendar month. If the Partner accumulates the required amount of loyalty points within this period, the partnership level is retained/upgraded. Otherwise, the accumulated loyalty points are terminated and the Partner reverts back to the Basic level.

In case of any dispute, MTrading reserves the right of final decision, including the right to disable or suspend the Partner’s participation in the loyalty program.

Additionally, MTrading has the right to change, limit, modify or cancel the loyalty program’s terms and conditions, bonus rewards and reward levels at any time, with or without prior notice.

MTrading takes into account the general business conditions and/or Terms & Conditions when finalising a decision. MTrading’s decisions are not subject to the debate and are mandatory for all program participants.