ForexBall Cricket World Cup: Special Round with $60,000 in Prize Pool 2015.01.23

Get ready to throw your most powerful drive at ForexBall's Cricket World Cup round!

Continuously promoting Forex education by providing a risk-free trading competition to traders from all over the world, the ForexBall International Trading Championship jumpstarts the new year with a very special round in line with one of the world's biggest sporting events of the season. Beginning the 16th of February 2015, the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup round shall commence with the aim of identifying the best traders in the five global regions while recognizing the achievements of the highest-performing traders in the competition based on world rankings all throughout 6 basic rounds in 6 full weeks.

As a special trading competition round, the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup round of the ForexBall boasts of more than US$ 60,000 in prizes to be given away. With the following participating countries: England, Australia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Zealand, Afghanistan, Scotland, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Ireland, and United Arab Emirates, the special round will also serve as a perfect starting point for traders to improve their skills and learn from some of the foremost experts in the international trading landscape.

The ICC Cricket World Cup round will run until 27th of March 2015. The round starts on February 16th so don't miss your chance and go grab your spot today.

About the ForexBall International Trading Competition

The ForexBall™ is an international Forex championship competition carried out on demo accounts and a demo server. The primary objective of the ForexBall™ trading championship is to provide a comprehensive training and learning opportunity for participants. By also providing social networking features, participating traders can connect with each other to discuss market complexities and learn from trading experts. The ForexBall™ International Trading Competition offers lucrative competition rounds weekly and monthly with a prize pool of more than US$ 500,000 annually.