Get a 50% Bonus for Forex and CFD Trading 2015.09.04

MTrading is bringing back its popular bonus promotion because we want you to have the best possible trading experience.

You can increase your trading potential now, with a maximum 50% bonus that's based on your deposited amount.

Oh and one more thing - this offer is available to new and existing M.Standard and M.Pro account holders.

Bonus trading gives more

Trading with a bonus offers you several advantages including:

  • having more trading funds available
  • an additional margin for maintaining positions
  • the chance to open larger volume positions.

We want you to get the clearest, most relevant margin enhancement. However, please remember that we are:

  • offering an extra financial tool to enhance your trading
  • not giving away free funds.

Fairness first

MTrading provides fair, clear and attainable offers because we want the best for our new and existing clients. We also want to reward you for trading with us - so the more you trade, the bigger the bonus.

Getting the bonus

Again - fairness first. This promotion is yours to enjoy, regardless of whether you are a new or existing client.

New client directions

  1. Register in our Trader's Room.
  2. Click the promotional banner:
  • familiarize yourself with the promotion's rules before the next step
  • don't worry if you get stuck somewhere - we will help you complete the registration so you get the bonus.

3.Open an account and fund it.

Existing client directions

  1. Enter the Traders Room.
  2. Click the promotional banner.
  3. Now either:
  • choose a live M.Standard or M.Pro account that is not already participating in another bonus promotion, or
  • open a new live M.Standard or M.Pro account and fund it.

Next steps

Now you need to simply:

  • understand your payment system's deposit terms
  • note two basic rules including:
  • the bonus is only for live M.Standard or M.Pro accounts
  • one account gets just one bonus
  • make your first deposit.

The bonus amount will be:

  • calculated on the total amount of funds we receive from you over a 24-hour period
  • credited to your trading account the next day at 23:59:59 EET (MT4 server time).

For more details about the rules, read the terms and conditions.