Get your MTrading profile verified in a few seconds!

Verify your trading account in seconds

Tired of waiting for the moment you are ready to trade in full force? With other brokers, it takes weeks to get your ID verified. With MTrading it’s SECONDS now.

MTrading has introduced a new fast and friendly automated option for profile verification. The GetID service will check your identity right after you upload the required ID doc. If everything’s ok, your profile will be verified and you’ll get access to the full account functionality immediately.

Automatic verification is available for the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Africa countries, Kenya, Brunei and Sri Lanka now. In case you’re from another country or you don’t pass through the auto process, we saved manual verification as an option for you to use. It’s processed by our back office department and usually takes a few hours during the working day.

How to verify your profile in a few seconds

1. Enter your Trader’s Room and go to My profile → My documents section.

2. Click the arrow button next to your verification status and choose the automatic verification method.

Verify your trading account in seconds

3. Upload your ID document photo to the GetID server. Make sure the quality of the picture is suitable for automated analysis.

Verify your trading account in seconds

4. Return to the Trader’s Room and wait till your profile status is changed.

Verify your trading account in seconds

If your verification failed

If your verification didn’t go through, the reasons may be the following:

1. The document you uploaded is not valid. For example, you uploaded a student ID card.

2. The quality of the document is poor. GetID is not very sensitive. In most cases, even medium-quality documents can be recognized. Still, if the image is not good enough, the verification might fail.

3. Your TR name and last name mismatch with the ones from the uploaded document. 1- or 2-sign typos are accepted. 

Example: Danil - Daniel → accepted

Daniel - Danniel → accepted

Daniel - Danny → not accepted

Daniel - Dean → not accepted

Have you already verified your MTrading profile? Proceed to enjoy all the trading opportunities!

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May the trading luck be with you!