MTrading App: We've updated Partnership and Copy Trade!

MTrading App Updated: Partner Dashboard and M.Pro Copy Trade added

Download our renewed app for Android to access partner’s dashboard, manage copy trading, accounts and balance, deposit and withdraw securely on the go.

Here are the recent improvements you’ll love from the first tap:

  1. Handy partner dashboard to track your earnings and reports in the Partnership program;
  2. Access to Copy Trade and option to subscribe with M.Pro accounts in a few clicks to copy expert traders with the most profitable trading terms.

Partner Dashboard

The rewarded Partner Program allows you to get up to 60% revenue share by attracting new clients to MTrading. Here’s how to stay in complete control of all your referral activities with just your mobile phone at hand:

  • Copy your referral link easily;
  • Track the most important metrics as your weekly rewards, the number of new leads, and your invitees’ trading volume within convenient timeframes: 1 week, 1 month or 3 months;
  • Analyse the number of new, active, old and retired clients to improve communication with attracted traders;

MTrading App Updated: Partner Dashboard

  • Check your partner level and overall earnings at a glance;
  • Compose detailed customizable reports on your IB performance in a couple of clicks.

MTrading App Updated: Partner Dashboard

Copy Trade for M.Pro accounts

The Social Trading section helps you invest online and copy transactions of the best-performing traders. Copy quickly and efficiently, enjoying the unparalleled trading conditions of the M.Pro account: ZERO SPREADS, reduced minimum lots and more.

With the help of the app, you’ll be able to:

  • Filter Copy Masters by the Account Type;
  • Go through the list of M.Pro Copy Masters to compare their gain and choose the best from the best;

MTrading App Updated: M.Pro Copy Trade

  • Analyse the Master’s performance and manage subscriptions handily.

MTrading App Updated: M.Pro Copy Trade

With our mobile app, managing your account is easy and rewarding. Go mobile with MTrading and stay confident knowing you’ll be able to access your personal area from anywhere you go, without missing a single opportunity to profit!

Stay in control of your trading with MTrading App

May the trading luck be with you!