Trade Forex & CFDs with up to 50% bonus! 2015.03.02

Good things – now even better! MTrading are here to provide you with the best trading experience possible, and now we have a great bonus offer. This season we would like to give everyone an opportunity to expand their trading potential with a bonus of up to 50% based on the deposited amount. This offer is available to new and existing clients who have an existing M.Pro or M.Standard account or open a new one.

Why trade with a bonus?

Apart from an obvious benefit of having more funds available for trading, the primary goal with extra trading potential is to provide an additional margin for maintaining positions, as well as being able to open larger volume positions.

Our bonus offer has been created to get our clients the most transparent and applicable margin enhancement, without compromising the company's integrity. That being said, we'd like to stress that we do not give away free funds, but provide our new and existing clients with an additional financial tool to help them excel at trading.

Tired of unfair bonus offers?

We believe in fair-play offers! We want more loyal and active clients to trade with us, so we reward our bigger clients with bigger bonus opportunities. Our terms are fair, clear and not misleading. We just wanted to point that out because we know that a lot of traders are tired of the unfair, unreachable requirements set by some brokers.

How to get the bonus?

Again – let's play fair! Usually brokers run similar promotions just for new clients. MTrading allow both new and existing clients to take advantage of promotions. That's what we call fair.

New clients:

Register in MTrading' client area – Trader's Room. Once inside, click the promo banner. Make sure you are familiar with the promotion's rules before you open and fund your M.Pro or M.Standard account.

Don't worry if you get stuck somewhere; we will help you complete the registration so you get the bonus.

Existing clients:

All you need to participate is to have a live M.Pro or M.Standard account that isn't participating in any other bonus promotion. You can use one of your current accounts or open a new one, then fund it.

Funding and getting the bonus:

Once you make your first deposit you have 24 hours to do as many deposits as you like. (Please ensure you are aware of the deposit terms of the payment system you are using.) The bonus amount will be calculated on the total amount of funds received in the 24-hour period. Bonus funds will then be credited to your trading account the next day at 23:59:59 EET (MT4 server time).

Basic rules

  • Only live M.Pro or M.Standard accounts are eligible for the bonus
  • You can only get 1 bonus per trading account
  • Read full terms and conditions for this bonus offer here.