Upgrade your M.Premium account and receive 1$/lot rebates

Dear traders,

You can now upgrade your M.Premium account for $99 and get $1 rebate for every 1 traded lot on Forex until the end of 2019! Thus, by upgrading the account today, you will get some extra days to your benefit, as this subscription usually lasts for 1 full year only.

In order to get the rebate you will need to:

  1. Write us an e-mail at hello@mtrading.com
  2. Put "M.Premium Upgrade Confirmation" in the subject line of the e-mail.
  3. In the body of the email write "I want to start the M.Premium Upgrade subscription and confirm that I agree for $99 to be deducted from my trading account." Please, specify the account number.
  4. Send us the email and start enjoying the automatic crediting of $1 for every 1 lot traded on Forex to your trading account.

Do not wait and upgrade your M.Premium account today and get your rebate!

Kind Regards,