“Special Bonus” Terms and Conditions

1. General Terms

1.1 The “Special Bonus” campaign is valid only in special cases and is only provided to the selected group of Participants. This “Special Bonus” is not transferable and is solely limited to the recipient of this offer.

1.2 This document entitles the right for “Special Bonus” under the terms and conditions agreed with MTrading representative via e-mail. The terms and conditions can also be checked at MTrading Trader’s Room, under the “Special Bonus” section.

1.3 The “Special Bonus” offer is only valid if it was sent personally via email by MTrading representative.

1.4 The Bonus constitutes only additional free margin limit and therefore it increases the amount of funds available for trading (i.e. for opening new positions and maintaining margin requirements to such positions). Bonus however is not a part of the balance of the trading account and as such it cannot be withdrawn nor transferred to other accounts before the completion of the Trading Volume Requirement stated in MTrading Trader’s Room.

1.5 The Bonus is deposited to the account as margin credit and therefore cannot be used to cover trading losses.

1.6 Required Trading Volume is calculated in lots, where 1 lot is equal to 100,000 of currency units traded 'round-turn', i.e. opening of 100,000 currency unit position and close of this same position will count as 1 lot of Trading Volume Requirement if complies to terms set forth in paragraph 1.9.

1.7 Due to the significant difference in margin requirements and in default contract size for non-currency instruments, the calculation of Trading Volume Requirement for such instruments is carried out with the following dividers:

GOLD – 1, SILVER - 10
Commodities futures CFDs:
GAS - 5, OIL - 5
Indices CFDs:
WIG40 - 200,
SP500 - 100,
NQ100, CAC40, STOXX50 - 50,
FTSE100, DAX30, JP225, ASX200, IBEX35 - 20,
DJI30, MIB40 - 10
Stocks CFDs:
All stocks CFDs - 1000


When a Participant opens a position for 100 contracts of FTSE index, the amount of the deal has to be converted to the Trading Volume that will count towards the Bonus Trading Volume Requirement. This is done by dividing the amount of the deal (100 contracts) by the divider of the instrument (20), so the deal size that will be counted toward the Trading Volume Requirement will be 100 / 20 = 5 lots.

1.8 A valid trade for Trading Volume Requirement calculation is a full round turn, closed trade that complies with all three of the following criteria:

- the trade remained open for over the agreed period of time;
- the profit or loss in this trade is more than the agreed minimum;
- the trade was not hedged. A hedged trade means opening a reversed position and therefore offsetting trade on the same instrument in equal or similar (±30%) size within 15 minutes of opening the initial position.

1.9 The Bonus can be released to Participant’s account’s balance only in full remaining amount and only after the whole Trading Volume Requirement has been met.

1.10 The time for generating of Trading Volume Requirement is limited. Participants have a fixed amount of days (Expiration Period) from the day of receiving the Bonus to complete the Trading Volume Requirement. If the Trading Volume Requirement has not been completed and the Bonus period has expired, MTrading has a right to remove the bonus amount from trading account.

1.11 “Custom Bonus offer” campaign Participants are not limited in making additional deposits to their trading accounts to sustain bigger or sufficient margin for their trading goals, however the Bonus will be given only once per trading account to each Participant during the whole period of the campaign.

1.12 Under no circumstances should a Participant’s trading strategy take into account the terms and conditions of this Bonus promotion. All trading decisions should be made based upon the Participant’s understanding of the markets and involved risks and the Participant’s specific trading strategies.

1.13 Due to additional free margin limit formed by a Bonus amount in trading account a Participant accepts and agrees that besides the Default Stop Out level stated on MTrading website (margin level falls below 30% or lower) an additional Stop Out condition will be applied to Participant's trading account that contains Bonus. Participant's open positions will be immediately liquidated if any of Default or additional Stop Out conditions will occur in Participant's trading account.

1.14 Additional Stop Out condition will trigger the Stop Out procedure and liquidation of all open positions if Participants total account equity (own balance + current floating profit/loss + swap + Bonus amount - per trade commissions) decreases below the amount of received Bonus (margin credit).


Default Stop Out conditions
When a Participant has 1000 USD of own funds in trading account and additional 250 USD received as Bonus, total amount that may be used as margin in the account is 1250 USD. If Participant uses 1000 USD as margin, Default Stop Out will trigger when current account equity decreases below 30% of used margin, i.e. when equity will drop to 300 USD or lower. This remaining amount of 300 USD is greater than amount received as Bonus, therefore equity did not drop below amount of Bonus and Default Stop Out procedure will trigger at margin level of 30%.

Additional Stop Out conditions
Following the same parameters as in the example above, but assuming that this time the Participant will use 500 USD for margin requirements. In such case 30% of this margin requirement will be 150 USD, however as this amount remains below of the amount of received Bonus (250 USD) an Additional Stop Out condition will apply whenever total account equity decreases below 250 USD. As a result Stop Out will trigger at margin level of 50%.

2. Receiving Bonus

2.1 A Bonus can only be provided to the Participants that have received the terms via email from MTrading representatives and have replied to this email with a letter that accepts the terms and conditions of the campaign.

2.2 After the Participant’s trading account has been funded, the Participant has to notify MTrading manager in order to arrange a Bonus assignation to the Participant’s trading account via e-mail.

2.3 Bonuses will only be credited to the exact same real trading account that was funded by the Participant.

3. Withdrawals from trading accounts during campaign

3.1 Once credited to a client’s trading account, the Bonus remains linked to this same account and cannot be withdrawn either partially or in full unless the minimum trading volume requirement is met in its entirety.

3.2 Internal transfers of the Bonus to other trading accounts are not allowed unless the Trading Volume Requirement has been met in its entirety.

3.3 Participant can withdraw accrued profits and earlier deposits from trading accounts. Participant understands and agrees that in cases in which a withdrawal of deposited funds occurs before the Trading Volume Requirement has been met, this will lead to the total removal of the Bonus from the Participant’s account.

3.4 If any of campaign Participants fails to meet Trading Volume Requirement within Expiration Period from receiving the Bonus – the Bonus can be removed from Participant’s account without any prior notice from MTrading. It is Participants’ sole responsibility prior to campaign ending date to arrange sufficient margin level on their accounts so that after removal of the Bonus margin level will still remain sufficient to avoid Stop Out and liquidation of all open positions.

3.5 If any of campaign Participants will meet Trading Volume Requirement within Expiration Period from receiving the Bonus – the Bonus will be automatically transferred within 48 hours from clients account credit field over to Balance field and all restrictions regarding transferred Bonus amount will be waived.

3.6 After the Bonus has been removed from the Participant’s trading account or if the Bonus was transferred to accounts balance as a result of Trading Volume Requirement fulfilment, a possibility to withdraw relevant funds from trading account will be unlocked.

3.7 When having open positions, a Participant can withdraw the limited amount of the accrued profits and still keep the bonus. The allowed withdrawal amount can be calculated using this formula: 70% Free margin - Bonus amount - Awarded deposit.

4. Final Provisions

4.1 At all times, MTrading reserves the right to amend, change or cancel this campaign with a prior notice to the current Participants via email.

4.2 If MTrading suspects that a campaign Participant has abused or attempted to abuse a campaign or otherwise acted with a lack of good faith towards MTrading, MTrading reserves the right to deny, withhold, cancel or withdraw from that Participant any Bonus amounts, and, if necessary, to cancel any terms and conditions of this campaign and client agreement with respect to that campaign Participant, either temporarily or permanently, or to terminate that Participant's access to the services and/or block that Participant's account(s).

4.3 The Bonus funds are considered to be property of MTrading until the campaign Participant reaches the required minimum trading volume.

4.4 Trading in the Forex and CFD markets entails significant risk. Participation in the Forex and CFD markets should not be undertaken unless the Participant is fully aware of and understands the risks involved in trading. Participation in this promotion should not be a motivating factor when considering participation in the Forex and CFD markets.

4.5 It is the sole responsibility of the Participant to ensure that all applicable taxes and fees on Bonuses in their country are paid.

4.6 All disputes or situations not covered by these terms and conditions will be resolved by MTrading management in a manner it deems to be fairest to all concerned. Such a decision shall be final and binding to the Participant.

4.7 In case of any ambiguity or conflict or inconsistency between these terms and conditions and the English terms and conditions available at https://tr3.mtrading.com/ the English terms and conditions shall prevail.