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M.Gifts – every trader is a Winner!

It is a simple game for all our traders with guarantee cash prizes and mega-prize LUXURY sport car. Trade and get your prizes!

Let’s go

Unlimited quantity of the guaranteed prizes

Make your dreams come true.
Luxury sport car is waiting for the owner!

Trade with passion, travel to the favourite destination
You are guaranteed with unlimited cash prizes fund

How to win prizes

  • Trade lots or copy Masters
  • Get and open a Gift box
  • Claim guarantee cash prize

Frequently asked questions

I’ve been trading with MTrading for a while. Can I participate?

All MTrading verified clients are eligible to participate in this promotional campaign.

How to participate?

Deposit minimum required amount or more, which is stated on the activation button in TR, in a single transaction. Participation activated automatically once deposit status is Completed.

Where can I see my progress?

In progress bar, in Trader’s Room Dashboard and in Promotions.

How to claim gifts?

Click on the button “Open box” and choose one of the 9 boxes, with a prize in each box. Cash prize will be credited to your wallet instantly. For Luxury sport car and Travel prizes, please contact us support@mtradng.com.

Can I withdraw the cash prize?

Yes, you can.

Unlimited quantity
of the guaranteed prizes

Let’s go