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Our Forex & CFD trading experts

Chris Svorcik

Wave analysis specialist,
trader and trading educator

Chris is a professional market analyst who provides daily Forex analysis, live market webinars plus daily wave analysis for sites like, and his own jointly driven

Trading the Forex market using technical analysis, Chris focuses a decade's financial market experience on interpreting waves, Fibonacci, moving averages, trend lines, pivot points, time factor, market structure and patterns.

Born in Holland but now living in Prague, Chris has completed two Master's degrees in finance and economics.

Nenad Kerkez

Holistic market analysis expert, trader
and trading educator

Nenad (a.k.a. Tarantula) is an experienced analyst who has been actively trading since 2008 and is a valued member of the MTrading team.

Tarantula is well known in the Forex community for expertly covering over 25 currencies on an intraday basis, for websites like and (his partnership site with Chris Svorcik).

Some of the other strings in Nenad's professional trading bow include holding a Masters in economics, development of the proprietary trading/analysis strategy CAMMACD TM and co-founding a trading education website.

Customer’s reviews

@TarantulaFX Thank you 5x mr. NK , its just incredible how accurate it is, don't forget GBPAUD analysis too...very positive

7:43 AM - 31 Mar 2016

@TarantulaFX I entered at 1.244. Still holding. Well done again! (although some news did go our way :))

6:28 AM - 20 Feb 2015

@TarantulaFX Aww thanks my man can't wait to meet you and @ChrisSvorcik next week #Londonforexshow very excited to meet the FX Wizards

4:19 AM - 16 Jan 2016

@TarantulaFX Dear Nenad, I have listened to some of your webinars and really trust and believe in your methods of trading.Add 2 ur list Pls

6:36 AM - 24 Mar 2016

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