Financial Security

Financial Security

Funds on your MTrading account are protected by strict financial security arrangements and customer care policies.

Segregation of funds

In accordance with industry regulations, customer funds are segregated from MTrading’s own assets and kept in a regulated banking institution. This ensures that your funds are available at all times, and cannot be used by the company for its own account. These arrangements are checked and verified by our auditors.

Treating customers fairly

With MTrading your interests always come first. We fully comply with industry regulations that require every financial firm to ‘pay due regard to the interest of its customers and treat them fairly’.

This means that we protect your interests in everything we do, from customer support to handling of complaints.

We make sure our team is always on top of the latest market developments.


We strive for the best service so you would have no reason to complain. But if you do, we will deal with it promptly and fairly. You can contact our compliance team via We take received complaints seriously and use them to improve our services.

Financial Commission

MTrading offers customers neutral support to handle disputes.

MTrading is proud to offer you independent help with handling trading disputes via our membership with the Financial Commission.

The Financial Commission is a neutral body that helps you to resolve any disagreement you may have with MTrading.

This means that if you can't reach an agreement with us on any issue, the commission will act as an independent third party to help resolve it for you.

How to file a dispute

  1. 1. The Financial Commission requires you to first try and resolve the issue directly with MTrading via an email to:
  2. 2. If the issue can’t be resolved in step 1 above, you can then approach the commission to independently resolve the issue by filing a dispute either:
    1. a. online or by
    2. b. downloading the dispute form and posting it.

If you are providing information for an already filed dispute, please e-mail the information to with your case number in the subject line.