5 Reasons to Download the Unbeatable MT4 Supreme Edition Plug-in

Fri, 01 Mar 2019 17:55

Ask any expert trader around the globe and they will tell you that MetaTrader 4 is the best trading platform around today, since it has perfect functionality and ease of use. And if you ask an expert trader at MTrading, they will tell you that MetaTrader 4 Supreme Edition plug-in takes trading to a completely different level. This is why they are downloading this powerful plug-in en masse and recommend all newcomers to do the same. There are five major reasons why they are saying this:

1. Supreme Edition Mini Terminal

The Mini Terminal is a professional trade execution and analysis tool integrated into MetaTrader 4 Supreme Edition. It allows traders to open and manage trading positions with one-click trade management through intuitive tabs. The following functions of Mini Terminal make it truly worthwhile:

a) market orders based on predefined risk management with both automatic calculation of stops and targets

b) 1-click trade management

c) a "reverse" button to immediately close a trade and open the same position in the opposite direction and a "panic" button to close all positions with a single click

d) configurable settings to confirm quick-buy, quick-sell and close-all

2. Supreme Edition Tick Chart Trader

The Tick Trader is wowing traders with its innovative efficiency. Its versatile functionality allows for extra-fast order placement and various chart styles.

It does a good job at:

a) measuring tick price changes

b) viewing chart types, like, candlesticks and trend lines to crossover

c) exporting tick data for analysis in excel/google sheets

Sometimes your trades need to be executed in the blink of an eye, and with this Add-On, that's exactly what you'll get.

3. Supreme Edition Trade Terminal

This tool allows you to place multiple instruments orders at the same time and includes the following useful features:

a) trade calculators to calculate the stop-loss for a specific cash risk

b) the ability to open and close trades quickly, and create templates for frequently-used preferences

c) analysis functions according to a range of parameters, including symbol, direction, winners, losers, and trade duration

d) automated closes increase efficiency

4. Supreme Edition Alarm Manager

Vital for helping you keep track of events significant to your account. You will be notified of these events, and you can even set it to take action on your behalf according to your settings. It includes the following useful alarms:

a) account alarms: for changes in key account parameters

b) news and Sentiment alarms: for calendar events or live market sentiment

c) trade activity alarms: for newly opened or closed trades

d) price alarms: for changes, levels and breakouts in price

e) time alarms: for stop-watch and time-of-day alarms

5. Supreme Edition Sentiment Trader

This tool allows you to view the current and historic collective mind-set toward a particular trading instrument. This is important for beginners and experts alike, who need to keep tabs on market sentiment before using a particular instrument. The Sentiment Trader shows current sentiment, historic sentiment plotted against price, and any open position in the selected symbol.

There are many more useful features and tools integrated into MetaTrader 4 Supreme Edition. And if you are not using this unique plug-in, then it is time to do so, because MT4 Supreme Edition can launch you into leading-edge Forex trading.