NETELLER Payment instructions

1. Please be advised that third party payments will not be processed.

2. Deposits and withdrawals are free of charge through NETELLER. Please do keep in mind that NETELLER may charge additional conversion fees at their own discretion in case if currency of deposit and currency of your NETELLER account are different.

3. Funds deposited through NETELLER might be withdrawn only to previously used NETELLER account, with exception when your trading account was funded by a credit or debit card.

4. If you have deposited your trading account using credit/debit card, the only option available to withdraw is a bank wire (USD/EUR) to your personal bank account.

5. Minimum amount for deposit through NETELLER is 10.00 USD or equivalent in another currency. Maximum amount for deposit through NETELLER can be 100 USD for unverified NETELLER accounts, up to 50,000 USD for verified NETELLER accounts.

6. If you have deposited your trading account via another payment system or internal transfer, funds withdrawal through NETELLER will be available in amount not exceeding deposited value through NETELLER, plus profit, plus amount of received bonus. The remaining funds might be withdrawn from the account via another payment systems which through deposit has been made before (except a Credit/Debit Cards) or an Internal transfer.

Your NETELLER account charge will be posted as: 'ServiceComSvg Ltd.'