Hello, I am Terry Borg. I am in charge of Partnership Programs at MTrading.

Right now you are on the verge of becoming MTrading’s Partner.

  • Open your Partner’s Room and start right away
  • Read on and find the answers you are looking for
  • Email me if you wish to discuss the specifics

What does becoming a partner mean?

  • We will rely on you to introduce MTrading to your friends and social circles
  • You will be responsible for the growth of this high-tech financial company
  • You will benefit from all the positives. We will take all the risks.

Do I have what it takes to become a partner?

If you have any of the following:

  • Social profile (facebook, linkedin, twitter, etc)
  • Email with a list of contacts (no matter how long or short)
  • Contacts in your phone
  • Friends who are interested in finance and self-development

You have the potential to become a great partner.

Does it pay?

Of course. A great partner has virtually unlimited earning potential.
In few words: more clients you end up introducing - higher your commission will be.
If you require specifics - great!

  • Register your Partner's’ Room
  • Get in touch with your account manager
  • He will fill you in on all the details

How do I start?

  • Register your Partner's’ Room with MTrading
  • Promote the services of MTrading to potential clients (everyone you know is a potential client)
  • Start receiving your partner’s commission

I don’t know anything about financial trading or sales

  • Becoming a partner is a great way to learn both. Which you will.
  • MTrading will supply you with marketing materials 100% free of charge (absolutely no hidden fees).
  • Getting your first clients can be as easy as pressing “share” or “send”

Remember. You miss 100% of the chances you do not take. Sign up and start today!