Multi-Level Partnership Rewards

Invite clients to MTrading & get payouts for their trading activity, as well as for the activity of clients they attract

MTrading Reward Models
Create your personal affiliate network and earn money every time your invitee trades. Receive up to 60% Revenue Share commission based on the number of active traders referred by you. The more traders join your network - the higher your income becomes.
Get paid for every lot traded by the referred client. Bring as many сlients to MTrading as you can and grow your earnings per lot. The more invitees trade lots, the higher reward you get.
Drive your traffic to our targeted pages and earn up to 400 USD every time a visitor completes the required action either registration, opening a new account, depositing, etc.
Extra reward for Master IB

A Master IB is an Introducing Broker who invites other IBs to the network. Master IB receives an extra commission from MTrading for growing the network of sub IBs. The size of this commission is based on the number of active Sub IBs included in the created network. The more active Sub IBs you invite, the larger is your commission.

How it works

Joe is a Master IB. He is not attracting direct clients, but rather looks for other IBs and introduces them to MTrading. Every week he gets a Master IB reward from his Sub IBs in the amount of 10% of what they make. Right now Joe has two Sub IBs: — Helen (Gold level with 40% revenue share) 12,000 USD earned — Jack (Family level with 20% revenue share) 6,700 USD earned From these two Sub IBs, Joe gets 1,200 USD + 670 USD = 1,870 USD What is great about Joe as a Master IB is that the bigger Sub IBs he brings to MTrading, the higher reward he gets.


We have paid our partners

$ 36,888,821