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MTrading Team • 2024-03-13

EURUSD rebounds within a month-old bullish channel

EURUSD rebounds within a month-old bullish channel

EURUSD picks up bids to 1.0930 as traders consolidate weekly loss amid a sluggish Asian session on early Wednesday. In doing so, the Euro pair recovers within a one-month-old bullish trend channel amid upbeat RSI and MACD conditions. It’s worth noting that Tuesday’s Doji candlestick adds strength to the quote’s corrective bounce. With this, the buyers are likely to retake control and can aim for the 1.1000 threshold as an immediate upside target. However, the aforementioned channel’s top line surrounding 1.1010 and the November 2023 peak of 1.1017 will test the pair’s further upside. In a case where the bulls keep the reins past 1.1017, the previous yearly high marked in December around 1.1140 will be in the spotlight.

On the contrary, EURUSD sellers will have a hard time taking control as the stated channel’s bottom line joins the 21-bar Exponential Moving Average (EMA) to highlight the 1.0870 as a tough nut to crack for them. Even if the Euro bears manage to smash the 1.0870 key support, an ascending support line from October 2023, near 1.0750, will test the bears. Furthermore, lows marked in December 2023 and last month, respectively near 1.0720 and 1.0690, also act as downside filters before giving control to the sellers.

To sum up, EURUSD buyers are likely to keep the reins even if the upside room appears limited.

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