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MTrading Team • 2024-02-08

Gold again retreats from 200-SMA but bears need validation from $2,020

Gold again retreats from 200-SMA but bears need validation from $2,020

Gold price fades bounce off a two-month-old rising support line, failing to cheer the US Dollar’s weakness, as the 200-SMA hurdle again challenges the metal buyers ahead of the second-tier employment clues from the US. Not only the 200-SMA resistance surrounding $2,040 and the pre-data anxiety, steady RSI and sluggish MACD signals also challenge the XAUUSD buyers. Even if the quote manages to cross the $2,040 upside hurdle, a five-week-long horizontal resistance zone of around $2,065 will be a tough nut to crack for the bullion buyers before retaking control. Following that, a run-up toward the late December 2023 peak of near $2,088 will be quick to witness on the chart.

Meanwhile, an ascending support line from early December, close to $2,020 by the press time restricts the short-term downside of the Gold price. In a case where the XAUUSD remains bearish past $2,020, the mid-January swing low of near the $2,000 threshold will return to the charts. It’s worth noting, however, that the quote’s weakness past $2,000 makes it vulnerable to slump toward the two-month low of nearly $1,973 before challenging the November 2023 trough surrounding $1,930.

Overall, Gold Price remains pressured on a short-term basis but the sellers need validation from technical and fundamental perspectives.

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