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MTrading Team • 2024-05-08

Gold keeps buyers in-game despite recent inaction, focus on $2,338

Gold keeps buyers in-game despite recent inaction, focus on $2,338

Gold price lacks bullish momentum despite staying positive on a weekly basis, after a two-week downtrend. While bearish MACD signals and a steady RSI (14) line suggest a continuation of the metal’s recent sideways performance, a one-month-old falling wedge bullish chart formation keeps the buyers hopeful. It’s worth noting that the 21-SMA resistance of $2,338 will act as an extra filter toward the north, in addition to the stated wedge’s upper line surrounding $2,322. Following that, the quote’s run-up toward the $2,400 threshold and then to the latest peak of around $2,431 can’t be ruled out. In a case where the XAUUSD remains firmer past $2,431, the bullion buyers can aim for the theoretical target of falling wedge confirmation, close to $2,480 in this case.

On the flip side, the $2,300 round figure and $2,285 restrict the short-term downside of the Gold price ahead of the aforementioned wedge’s bottom line, near $2,275 by the press time. Should the precious metal drop beneath the $2,275 support, it defies the bullish chart formation and can direct the XAUUSD sellers toward the 50-SMA support of $2,251. It’s worth mentioning, however, that the buyers should remain hopeful of witnessing a corrective bounce, even during the gradual fall, unless the quote breaks an ascending trend line support stretched from the mid-February, around $2,219 as we write.

Overall, the Gold price is likely to reverse the previous losses but a sustained upside clearance of $2,338 is a must for bulls to retake control.

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