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What Is MT4 Software Price?

With so many different trading platforms, MT4 is considered as the gold standard among other software for beginners and experienced traders, especially taking into account zero MetaTrader 4 software price. It comes as a perfect tool to trade a variety of financial instruments and asset classes. They may range from commodities and indices to oil futures, CFDs, cryptocurrency, and other instruments.


The key benefit is that MT4 is available for both individual trading and brokerage. According to the latest stats, the platform boasts millions of users globally in addition to more than 750 brokers that deliver financial services. With so many features, provided by the instrument out of the box, beginners worry about the MT4 software price. The good news is that you can download and use it at no cost.

Let’s have a closer look under the hood of one of the best trading platforms out there.

Who Is MT4 Software Good for?

MT4 is a flexible trading platform that has something to offer for both novice traders and experienced investors. It comes with an enhanced trading toolkit that will work great for market participants of any level.

MT4 for Beginners

The platform has a simple interface design. This fact makes the software a good choice for users who only start exploring different financial markets. The tool has an exceptional user interface with advanced functionality and easy-to-set instruments including copy trade solutions, Expert Advisory, and many other great options for rookies.

What’s more, MetaTrader has an integrated education section. Most platforms offer this feature as a separate add-on, which is not always good. With MT4, traders will have access to different tutorials and guides. Besides, it is possible to find endless video instructions on how to download and install additional indicators.

In the end, we have a simple and user-focused solution with a full selection of tools to trade.

MT4 for Advanced Traders

The software definitely appeals to more experienced investors. It comes with advanced charting functionality to benefit from technical analysis. MT4 gas integrated indicators and graphical tools to plot different patterns depending on one’s strategy and trading approach.

Additionally, experienced users can configure automated trading options with MetaQuote’s proprietary MQL4 programming language. Of course, it requires specific technical and coding skills. However, it gives a chance to customize your trading technique and make the most of custom-constructed indicators.

Beginners to trade using Technical Analysis Easy to deploy No comprehensive historical data for backtesting
Advanced users looking for a data-rich experience Does not need enhanced CPU capacity Does not work for high-frequency trading
  User-friendly interface No fully-automated trading functionality
  Compatible with major OS No custom timeframe for charting

Is MT4 Software Regulated?

Yes, it is. Taking into account huge exposure, the software is widely used by brokers and individual traders. Companies that use MT4 are regulated by different global agencies. So, you actually work on a platform that is both safe and supported by the world’s leading financial service providers.

Industry-best trading conditions
Deposit bonus
up to 200% Deposit bonus 
up to 200%
from 0 pips Spreads 
from 0 pips
Awarded Copy
Trading platform Awarded Copy
Trading platform
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In-Depth Research Tools inside MT4

Another benefit of the software is the fact it does not rely on third-party offerings and apps. It is a stand-alone platform with its own research instruments. In other words, users will have unlimited access to the latest news, influential market events, and other analytical data delivered by major financial institutions and globally recognizable exchanges.  

The system is able to transmit different quotes and news. All you need is to install and activate a simple plugin that will ensure a connection with all major news and analytics providers. As a result, you will stay in touch with news feeds generated by such industry leaders as IB Times, Bloomberg, Alliance News, Reuters, and many others. Experienced users with technical backgrounds will have a chance to create and customize their own news feeds using the MT4 API.

MetaTrader 4 Software Price

This is where the magic starts. MT4 is absolutely free to use. You may download it separately for individual trading or access the software from a broker you are assigned to. As a rule, companies deliver free access to major features with some paid options for a Premium or Pro account depending on the services they deliver along with the paid plan.

With MTrading, you will get free access to all major MT4 versions that include:

Users will benefit from a 100% responsive software that runs perfectly on any mobile device and is compatible with major OS types including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

MT4 Customer Support

The platform has the official MetaTrader 4 website with an intensive Help Center and knowledgebase. It covers different issues from how to get started. You will find out how to upload custom indicators, learn more about user interface guides, tips on working with trading charts, and so on.

MTrading users do not need to search for additional information, as we provide full access to our comprehensive education section with detailed guides, trading tool overviews and tutorials, essential trading tips, and major trading strategies explained for beginners.

How Safe Is MT4?

When it comes to using real cash, it is not surprising that safety becomes of major concern to the majority of users. The software is 100% safe to use. It has implemented some of the latest security features and encrypted technologies to protect your data from cyber-attacks and online frauds.

Besides, as your personal broker, MTrading does its best to ensure enhanced safety that helps to identify and eliminate the slightest threat before you even know about it. So, you just keep on trading with the best platform for experts and newbies available at zero cost.