PHILIPPINES: Free Trading Workshop Pt. 2 - Fundamental Analysis

Date & Time

27 Oct, 2021 / 19:00 - 20:00 (UTC)

Receive a degree of knowledge in utilizing news and current events to your advantage and acquire a new perspective in market analysis

To enter the webinar, choose it in the webinar schedule, register with your email to reserve the spot and get your Zoom link. Find a quiet place, make sure nothing distracts you, put on your headphones and prepare to take notes. Carlo, a forex trading expert, will share the best fundamental analysis insights for beginners

You will learn:

  • Fundamental Analysis Basics 

Duration: 15 min

- fundamentals explained: definition, how it can help you trade

- market participants: what comprises the market
- fundamental drivers: what causes prices to move

  • Basis for Fundamental Analysis

Duration: 20 min

- law of supply: how it is aiding us in trades

- law of demand: how it is helping us identify potential market movements
- fiscal & monetary policies: how institutions work to build economies and the effects of their moves to the market

  • Fundamental Analysis Data 

Duration: 30 min

- inflation

- macroeconomic data

- central banking system
- geopolitics

  • Key Observations in Major Assets 

Duration: 30 min

- major currencies

- gold

- fundamentals cheat sheet: the easiest approach to applying fundamental knowledge

  • Fundamentals Application 

Duration: 15 min

- rules in using fundamentals: the things to know before trading FA

- forex calendar: how to read the forex calendar

Webinar speaker
Frances Lao

Frances has worked in the industry for over four (4) years. She is instrumental in the success of two of the top forex companies in the Philippines as an account manager, and back end person. Her methods of sharing her knowledge particularly for new traders are proactive and entertaining. She explains every significant detail as necessary