4 Reasons to Benefit from Online Trading

Online trading appears to be a faster and cheaper option if compared to brick-to-mortar trading concepts. Users will have full control over their investmen

Online Trading
What Is the Momentum Strategy and How to Use It?

Today, we are going to explain momentum strategy to beginners, find out how to implement it under real market conditions, and answer the question of what i

What Is the Momentum
The List of 5 Best Shares To Buy in 2021

Looking for the best shares to buy in 2021? We have conducted a list of some good stocks to buy now and benefit from long-lasting revenues with some of the

Best Shares To Buy
PE Ratio Explained to Beginners

PE ratio is a tool to identify companies’ worth and compare the stock value. However, the price earning ratio comes with specific limitations depending on

PE Ratio
Tips to Understand and Define Standard Deviation

Simple tips to interpret and define standard deviation. Learn how standard deviation may help to improve financial decisions when trading currencies, stock

Define Standard Deviation
What Is a Dividend Stock and How Does It Work?

Dividend stocks and ways to make profits explained for beginners. Learn what is a dividend stock and how can it help investors make stable revenues.

What Is a Dividend
Major Central Banks and their Role in the Forex Market

Learn how central banks act and what responsibilities or tools they use to regulate the nation’s economy. We will tell you about the way central banks infl

Central Banks
Derivatives and Their Types Explained

Learn about what are derivatives and what types do they have. Find out specific historical facts about the way how derivatives originated in the financial

Defining Leverage Meaning and How it Works in the Forex Market

Learn how to define leverage and manage risks when choosing a broker. Find out a simple formula to calculate leverage amount and choose the one that meets

Leverage Meaning
The Key Differences Between Buy Limits and Buy Stops: Explained

Limit orders are the orders to buy or sell at the specific price. Learn the difference and see how to use them to control buying or selling.

stop limit buy limit
Benefits of Using Demo Account for Stock Trading

With a free demo account for stock trading, you get risk-free access to all trading instruments. Learn how to open it and start trading at zero cost.

trade stocks on demo
What Is the Best Age to Trade Stocks?

What's the best age to trade stocks or star trading on Forex? Find out what is the legal age to trade Forex and stocks.

find out the best age to trade stocks and forex
Order Book - A Complete Beginner's Guide

An order book is a dynamic source of market insights delivered for both seller and buyer sides. Helps to make better trading decisions.

order book forex
Top 5 Forex Risks Forex Traders Must Consider

Learn how to avoid current forex trading risks and discover useful tips for reducing them.

forex risks types
The Best Forex Books For Beginners - A Definitive Guide

Top books for Forex trading! When beginning your journey to professional forex trading, a good place to start is to purchase some forex books. However, there are tons of different forex books available, so which is the best book for forex trading?

The Best Forex Books For Beginners 2020