Forex Half Trend Indicator Strategy Explained for Beginners

The Forex half trend indicator provides enough flexibility to traders as it can be applied to any trading strategy or currency.

Best Free Forex Signals Software to Use in 2022

Free Forex signals software is designed to help traders generate specific signals suggesting an optimal period to enter the market with either a short or long position.

5 Best Books for Technical Analysis

When looking for the best books for technical analysis, you will come across numerous resources that cover various practice areas ranging from crowd psychology, patterns, or trading system development.

Trading Fractals: A Complete Beginner Guide

Fractals are a helpful traders’ tool that makes it possible to enhance not only a trading strategy but also the use of technical analysis when utilized with other technical indicators.

What Is Center of Gravity and How to Trade It?

Also known under the COG abbreviation, center of gravity is a technical indicator utilized by experienced traders to predict and spot potential turning points.

Top 3 Bearish Reversal Patterns to Look for in 2021

Check the list of the top 3 bearish reversal patterns that occur during the bullish uptrend and make it possible to stay in charge of the market with price

Bearish Reversal Patterns
5 Most Popular Bullish Types of Candlestick Patterns in 2021

Check our list of best Bullish Types of Candlestick Patterns to identify the market in the downtrend as well as future trend reversal. Know when bears are

Bullish Types of Candlestick Patterns

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Parabolic SAR or PSAR Indicator Explained

PSAR indicator was developed by Welles Wilder, Jr. decades ago. However, it is still very popular when defining price stop and reverse levels. Used with an

PSAR Indicator
Tips to Use Donchian Channel Indicator

How to use Donchian Channel Indicator and what limitations it has. Learn how to read the indicator as well as common mistakes to avoid when identifying bea

Donchian Channel Indicator
What Traders Can read from Coincident Indicators

Learn what coincidence indicators can tell and how to use them along with leading and lagging indicators as the key economic metrics.

Coincident Indicators
Top 10 MT4 Indicators in 2021 with Free Download

Check the list of top 10 MT4 indicators with a free download and simple integration with MetaTrader 4. Improve your trading strategy and apply effective ri

Top 10 MT4 Indicators in 2021
Beginner Tips to use Sentiment Indicators

See what sentiment indicators can tell you and learn how to implement proper reading. Sentimental analysis and market explained to see how investors and co

Sentiment Indicators
A Complete Guide to Balance of Power Indicator

The Balance of Power indicator was introduced in 2001. It is used to measure the market strength as well as the power for buyers and sellers. Learn how to

Balance of Power Indicator
Beginners Guide on Using VWAP Indicator for MT4

The VWAP indicator for MT4 is a simple tool to track the real average price. Traders will learn how to set, configure, and install the indicator for MT4.

vwap indicator mt4
The List of Volume Indicators for Improved Trading

Find top three volume indicators to use and improve your trading. Read the detailed usage beginner guideline and tips to trade volume.

top 3 volume indicators
Major Economic Indicators To Use When Trading

Economic indicators measure the health rate of particular economy. Predicting future fluctuations is crucial for trading currencies.

major economic indicators on forex