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MTrading Team • 2024-03-01

Central Banks Speed Up their Gold Purchases as Part of a USD Diversification Plan

Central Banks Speed Up their Gold Purchases as Part of a USD Diversification Plan

Globally, central banks are increasing the amount of gold they buy. A strategic shift away from the US currency is being made in light of geopolitical unrest.

Throughout four presidential administrations, the US has used the dollar as a tool of foreign policy, which has forced emerging market nations to diversify their foreign exchange holdings. The reserve status of the dollar has been a tool or a means of US foreign policy utilized by all four presidents.

This move to gold is considered a crucial hardening of the currency in an unstable global financial environment. Market participants tend to use gold to fortify their money. It's not hardened with cryptocurrency.

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Therefore, a crucial component of the monetary system is gold. It emphasizes the yellow metal’s durability and stability in contrast to the erratic behavior of the cryptocurrency market.

Experts identify key elements affecting the performance of the gold market. They mainly involve the function of ETF investors and the relationship between real rates and gold prices. Analysts predict a possible recovery in the gold price despite the current sell-off by ETF investors.

The gold price comeback can be triggered by the central bank that continues buying the metal. The purchased volume can reach all-time highs due to the need to reduce risk related to the dollar's hegemony in foreign reserves.

May the trading luck be with you!