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MTrading • 2023-07-11

Changes in M.Cent offering

Changes in M.Cent offering

Dear Valued Client,

A year ago, we launched M.Cent Accounts to provide a safe stepping stone into the trading world. We've witnessed your remarkable progress and it's time to guide you onto the next chapter of your journey.

In continuing our commitment towards all beginner traders like yourself, we are making slight adjustments in our Cent Account trading conditions. Although they could seem challenging initially, they're strategically designed to streamline your transition into our more advanced account types - M.Premium and M.Pro.

Effective from July 13th 2023, several changes will be implemented:

  • Number of M.Cent accounts would be limited to 1 per client. Clients having more than 1 cent accounts would NOT be forced to close it.
  • Opening M.Cent accounts would only be available during 2 months upon registration
  • M.Cent account would be limited to having 5 open orders simultaneously
  • Each M.Cent account would be only allowed to open 25 orders per day.
  • Copy trading subscription amount would be limited to 100 USD on the M.Cent account
  • Opening new positions of SILVER.c, BTCUSD.c, DAX40.c, DJI30.c will not be available
  • Cent accounts would be limited to having 300 USD of own funds(profit not included)

Easing your transition while enriching experiences is pivotal here - less about pushing but more about gently nudging you along towards broader horizons! We believe every change propels supportive momentum - leading each one us closer towards becoming successful traders!