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MTrading Team • 2024-03-04

Long-awaited Daily IB Payouts Arrived!

Long-awaited Daily IB Payouts Arrived!

We are thrilled to announce a long-awaited enhancement to our platform: Daily IB Commission Payouts!

Effective immediately, the update allows you to receive your IB commission daily. With daily payouts, you can enjoy faster access to your funds, empowering you to manage your finances more efficiently and capitalize on new opportunities without delay.

Here's what you can expect from our Daily IB Commission Payouts:

  1. Daily access to funds: Say goodbye to waiting Monday receive your commission. With daily payouts, you'll have access to your funds every morning, enabling you to grow your business faster!
  2. Improved Cash Flow Management: Daily payouts provide you with greater control over your cash flow. Whether you're reinvesting in your business, covering expenses, or simply planning for the future, having access to your earnings on a daily basis streamlines your financial management.

We're committed to empowering our IBs with the tools and resources they need to thrive in today's dynamic financial landscape. Daily IB Commission Payouts represent our dedication to providing you with the best possible experience and support as you grow your business.

Crucial Reasons to Become Our IB

Up to 60% Revenue Share. Industry highest payout!

10% of Net Deposit. Get extra 10% of Net Deposit of your clients on top of your IB commission

IB Rebates service. Share a fraction of your commission with your clients to increase their lifetime

Don’t miss the opportunity and join thousands of IBs already enjoying their partnership with MTrading!