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"Southeast Asia Colors | Trade and Travel" Terms & Conditions

1. General terms

1.1. "Southeast Asia Colors | Trade and Travel" is a promotional campaign (hereafter - “Campaign”) organized by MTrading (ServiceComsvg LLC - hereafter “Company”).

1.2. The campaign is offered to the residents of Vietnam only.

1.3. The campaign only applies to newly created and verified MT4 M.Premium accounts.

1.4. Clients can register using multiple MT4 M.Premium accounts to participate, as stated in section 8.1.

1.5. The campaign does not apply to Copier accounts.

2. Campaign period

2.1. Campaign period: 00:00 on 10/06/2024 - 23:59 on 02/08/2024 (GMT +7).

2.2. Last registration date: until the end of 22/07/2024.

2.3. Estimated travel dates: 10/08/2024 - 14/08/2024 (5D4N).

3. Registration options

Participants who register and deposit earlier will gain easier trading conditions, as detailed below:

  • Option 1: Deposit a minimum of 5000 USD and place the first trade in June, with a required trading volume of 20 Lots within 10 days, with a new trade (of any volume) each day for 10 consecutive days.
  • Option 2: Deposit a minimum of 5000 USD and place the first trade in July, with a required trading volume of 25 Lots within 10 days, with a new trade (of any volume) each day for 10 consecutive days.

4. Deposit rules

4.1. Participants must deposit the required amount (based on the selected option) into the registered MT4 account (accumulated deposits are acceptable) within the specified period according to the selected Option (deposit 5000 USD in June for Option 1 and deposit 5000 USD in July for Option 2). Deposits made before or after this period will not be considered valid.

4.2. Participants can deposit more funds throughout the campaign.

4.3. Participants are not allowed to use the Deposit Bonus.

5. Trading rules

5.1. Acceptable trading asset: Gold.

5.2. Total required trading volume: Depending on the selected Option.

5.3. Participants must open at least one new order every day (with any trading volume) during the trading period as required.

5.4. Trading period: Depending on the selected Option, excluding Saturdays and Sundays (starting from the time the Participant opens the first trading position on the registered MT4 account); any trades opened or closed outside the specified trading period will not be counted.

5.5. Participants are not allowed to use the Hedging method.

5.6. Valid trades are trades that remained open for at least 3 minutes.

5.7. Trades that violate MTrading's Terms of Business will be excluded.

6. Withdrawal rules

6.1. Participants are not allowed to make withdrawals or internal transfers from their registered MT4 account(s).

6.2. Participants can make withdrawals or internal transfers from their registered MT4 account(s) 24 hours after the end of the actual travel dates.

6.3. During the trading period, if Participants make withdrawals or internal transfers from the registered MT4 account(s) before the specified period, the Company will immediately cancel and revoke rewards (free travel packages).

6.4. If the Participant meets the conditions but withdraws funds before the specified period, MTrading reserves the right to require the Participant to pay all incurred costs for the trip sponsored by MTrading, based on the costs provided by MTrading. In case of non-cooperation by the Participant, MTrading has the full legal right to deduct this amount from the Participant's account.

7. Travel information

The departure points will be from two major cities, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. For participants residing in other provinces/cities, transportation from their place of residence to the two departure points will not be covered by the Company.

  • Expenses covered by the company: Round-trip airfare from Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Meals as per the travel itinerary. Tips for local guides and drivers. Private air-conditioned vehicle throughout the tour. Checked baggage of 20 kg & carry-on baggage of 07 kg. 4-star standard hotel. One-time admission tickets to attractions are listed in the travel itinerary. Vietnamese-speaking guide and tour leader for continuous care from Vietnam. Bottled water daily.
  • Expenses not covered by the company: Transportation costs to the departure airport. Excess baggage fees as per regulations. Additional costs due to invalid passports. Extra excursions and personal expenses: phone calls, laundry, shopping, etc. Meals are not included in the travel itinerary. Single room surcharge (if applicable. Other incidental expenses.

8. Miscellaneous

8.1. Participants are not allowed to authorize another beneficiary for the travel package (the beneficiary's information must match the verified account information at MTrading). If Participants wish to travel with family members, please register a new account at MTrading with the family member's information, except in cases where the family member is a child (under 18 years old) or an elderly person (over 60 years old), Participants can use their account and use multiple MT4 M.Premium accounts to register and trade to receive additional tickets for those specified family members.

8.2. Participants are requested to provide the necessary information (Departure airport, Passport number, Passport photo, etc.) at the time of registration. This information will be the official information of the travel package beneficiary, and MTrading will not be responsible for resolving any issues if the Participant changes the beneficiary information (except in cases where the Participant is applying for a passport for the first time or is renewing his/her passport).

8.3. At all times, ServiceComsvg LLC reserves the right to amend, change, or cancel this Campaign without any prior notice to current or prospective promotion participants.

8.4. If the Company suspects that a Campaign participant has abused or attempted to abuse a Campaign or otherwise acted with a lack of good faith towards MTrading (e.g. withdrawing money within 1 week before the registration, then registering to participate and deposit), MTrading’ reserves the right to deny, withhold, or cancel any given prizes from the company side, and, if necessary, to cancel any terms and conditions of this Campaign and client agreement with respect to that Campaign participant, either temporarily or permanently, or to terminate that participant`s access to the services and/or block that participant`s account(s).

8.5. Trading in the CFD markets entails significant risk. Participation in the CFD markets should not be undertaken unless the Trader is fully aware of and understands the risks involved in trading. Participation in this Contest should not be a motivating factor when considering participation in the CFD markets.

8.6. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all applicable taxes and fees on the prizes in their country are paid.

8.7. In case of any ambiguity conflict or inconsistency between different translations of these Terms, the Vietnamese version shall prevail.

8.8. Any unforeseen circumstances arising during the Contest that fall outside the provisions of these Terms and Conditions will be at the sole discretion of MTrading for resolution.

8.9. In case of additional questions related to the Contest, Participants may contact MTrading at vietnam@mtrading.com or contact their Account Manager.