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4 Best Free Stock Trading Apps Reviewed

Free stock trading apps are a good way to access financial markets on the go. They work the same way as online brokerage. Users can buy and sell different instruments on the fly right from their smartphones or tablets despite the location. It appears that not all brokers are mobile-friendly. This is why you may wonder where to find a functional and user-oriented stock trading app.


In this article, we will review some top options that include not only stand-alone applications but also an app developed by financial companies as a part of their online brokerage service package.

1. MTrading Mobile App

MTrading offers one of the most functional and intuitive free stock trading apps. It provides instant access to all accounts letting users manage them on the go. Additionally, the application makes it possible to monitor open positions and margin levels in real-time.

The main features include:

  • Account Management. Users can check their balance and capital through the app. They can also open new types of accounts, change the leverage, and track all running orders.
  • Instrumentation. The application comes with a built-in push notification system that will always keep you aware of Margin Call. Besides, users will be able to monitor all the latest news featuring real-time quotes and analytics.

MT4 Access. Traders will find it easy to access the MT4 platform right from the mobile device to perform trades and conduct in-depth market research using tools for technical analysis and market insights.

The MTrading stock trading app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices to let users keep orders and accounts under control 24/7.

2. Robinhood Stock Trading App

Those who trade no-frills stocks may find this app quite useful. Besides, it might be a good choice for users who prefer trading options and cryptocurrencies. Cash management is one of the main features in addition to a user-friendly and intuitive interface, fractional share investment options, and zero commissions.

However, the app has some downsides. For instance, users will not be able to learn, as there is no educational source or knowledgebase integrated into the application. Initially, Robinhood was a free stock trading app. On the other hand, the free version is very limited. To research stocks, you will have to upgrade to a paid account. Besides, the application does not have integrated advisory.

3. Cash App

If you are looking for the best stock trading app, this one might not be a good choice. However, Cash App will definitely work for users who occasionally purchase or sell stocks. The platform is very intuitive and user-oriented, which is a plus. At the same time, it is very light-featured. You should not expect advanced functionality from this particular stock trading app.

It does not have margin investing or options trading. You will not find educational sources or instruments to widen your trading knowledge. Nevertheless, the app still has a set of baseline options that might be a good option for those who want to trade stocks from time to time and do not consider trading as a day-to-day routine. Oh, and one more thing – Cash App offers peer-to-peer payment gateways, which is definitely a plus.

4. SoFi Invest Stock Trading App

The application works well for those who trade not only stocks but also other instruments or financial products. The main advantage here is that users can benefit from automated trading delivered by trading robots’ functionality. Additionally, investors can use the platform for buying and selling crypto coins. The list of assets to trade also involves:

  • Fractional shares;
  • Retirement accounts;
  • Saving, lending, and other financial products.

As for the major downsides, SoFi invest does not offer mutual funds trading. Also, here you will fail to find stock research and analysis tools. Seeking advanced data will be a challenge.

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The Bottom Line

Free stock trading apps provide users with enhanced flexibility. From now, you can perform trades despite the location. All major operations can be completed via a smartphone. Major applications are compatible with major OS and carriers including Android and iOS. This fact ensures cross-platform availability. To select the best stock trading app, make sure it supports preferred trading instruments and tools required to apply specific trading strategies.

This material does not contain and should not be construed as containing investment advice, investment recommendations, an offer of or solicitation for any transactions in financial instruments. Before making any investment decisions, you should seek advice from independent financial advisors to ensure you understand the risks.