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7 Reasons for Effective Trading Portfolio Diversification

As a trader, you might look for ways to ensure smoother trading sessions featuring minimal exposure. Effective Forex portfolio diversification will serve these particular needs. If one of your asset lines dips, the other one will make it possible to cover that dip. At least, it will help one reduce the impact of a loss no matter how big it is.


trading is a perfect environment for portfolio diversification. It delivers plenty of opportunities and chances to get high returns. Other segments do not come with the same profit-making capabilities. Unlike commodities, futures, or metals, the market delivers more room for diversification.

Currency Pair Types to Keep Trading Portfolio Diversified

Liquidity is one of the main market benefits. It does not matter what the market conditions are. It does not matter if you plan to enter with a long or short position. There is still plenty of room to make a profit either on the up- or downtrend.

What’s more, some currencies (for example, emerging ones) can be used as boosters for high yields. They help to reduce or absorb the risk of your next trade.

However, portfolio diversification is not that simple. You must know for sure which type of currency pairs you are going to use. At this stage, most beginners do not have the foggiest idea of where to start.

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Traditionally, in trading we have three major options to keep our portfolios diversified:

  • Exotic Currency Pairs. These pairs express the two currencies that are outside the US or Euro economies. They cannot boast the same traded volume as major currency pairs. At some point, you may find inflated trading costs. On the other hand, they offer higher reward opportunities though with higher risk. When we speak of portfolio diversification, minor currency pairs should not be associated with a safe-haven instrument.
  • Minor Currency Pairs. These pairs do not involve USD, as the master measurement unit. Some time ago, a few traders could imagine that happening. The market is very dynamic. Today, investors can buy and sell assets that have devoid of USD. The market is full of emerging currencies JPY or GBP. These are some of the most traded instruments and a good way to keep your portfolio diversified.
  • Major Pairs. These instruments express the world’s strongest economies. They are safe to trade despite the market not being regulated. When we say major currency pairs, we mean the strongest currencies across the globe, like USD and EUR. They generally come with the lowest spreads and, at the same time, with enough liquidity. Major pairs are the best to consider for a diversified portfolio.

8 Portfolio Diversification Advantages to Consider

Generally, traders tend to invest in an instrument of a single class, as it promises the highest return. However, what are you going to do when the market knocks against you? As trading gurus say, we should never put all eggs into one basket. And here is why.

1. Variety of Instruments

You can benefit from different asset classes and instruments. To succeed in trading, you need to constantly explore the market. One gains experience with every new trade or currency pair either bought or sold. We can think of this experience as another type of investment into your future success/

2. Long-Term Investment Goals

Every asset comes with a fair share of pros and cons. Nothing is perfect in this world. However, a well-performing portfolio will let you achieve long-term investment targets. With every positive impact of assets you have, the portfolio will generate more returns.

3. Capital Safeguard

The way you diversify your portfolio depends on multiple factors. They include trading goals, timeframes, trader’s age and needs, and so on. What you need to aim for is creating a combination of assets that will safeguard your capital in the long-term perspective, especially when the financial market is extremely volatile.

4. Reduced Market Volatility Impact

Diversification is a proven tool to reduce overall exposure. As you will have assets of different classes, the impact of market volatility is likely to go down a bit. At least, you will have a chance to avoid losses caused by industry-specific risks.

5. Less Time in Portfolio Monitoring

A combination of assets requires less time to keep an eye on the portfolio. It means fewer worries and more confidence about your investments.

6. Emotional and Physical Gaining

As a result of the previous factor, traders become emotionally and physically stable. They gain needed confidence and peace of mind. The more different assets you have, the lower is stress about how they actually perform. To understand how it works, compare a well-diversified portfolio with at least 3-5 instruments with a single-asset investment strategy.

7. Shuffle between Instruments

With a diversified portfolio, you have a broader option on what particular currency pair you want to spread some of your capital. In simpler words, you are not sticking to a single strategy. Instead, you can shuffle between different market conditions considering the range of instruments you have.

The Bottom Line

A well-diversified trading portfolio is a step to a safe, confident, and broad investment experience. Unlike other asset types, the market provides players with more opportunities and chances to win big. At the same time, traders can shuffle between different asset classes and quickly adapt to different market conditions while gaining not only wealth but also physical and emotional stability.

This material does not contain and should not be construed as containing investment advice, investment recommendations, an offer of or solicitation for any transactions in financial instruments. Before making any investment decisions, you should seek advice from independent financial advisors to ensure you understand the risks.