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MTrading Team • 2024-02-22

The FED’s Mistake May Push Gold Prices Forward

The FED’s Mistake May Push Gold Prices Forward

Some market strategists believe that the longer the FED waits, the greater the risk of a policy mistake that would push gold prices forward. While the gold market is struggling as expectations for the start of the Federal Reserve's easing cycle continue to be pushed back, it still remains relatively strong.

As central banks, led by the FED, announce a potential rate reduction this year, investor interest is expected to rebound in the market. Meanwhile, experts expect bond prices to rise this year as interest rates decline if the gold market rebounds. Given the possibility of a policy error by the Federal Reserve, there is a greater positive case for gold.

Since the Fed is focusing too much on supply-side inflation concerns, the market is now evaluating the economic situation perhaps a little better than the Fed. They can ruin a positive trajectory of the economy by applying the brakes too firmly and for too long.

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Given that analysts’ medium- to long-term view calls for relatively fluctuating inflation, gold also appears to be appealing. Experts share the opinion that China may wind up exporting deflation to other countries due to its collapsing economy.

China will need to dispose of the enormous amount of solar panels and electric vehicles that it has produced in recent years in order to sustain its economy. Deflationary expectations are high for the global market due to the country's massive dump of low-cost goods.

Deflation would also result from a U.S. recession. The Federal Reserve will have ample room to cut interest rates in this climate but inflation is still a long-term risk as national debt keeps rising and the de-globalization movement gains traction.

May the trading luck be with you!