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MTrading Team • 2022-03-04

Stocks fall shocked by Ukrainian Nuclear Plant Attack

Stocks fall shocked by Ukrainian Nuclear Plant Attack

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has recently brought to life another disturbing issue. The world froze in fear of a new catastrophe upon the news about the Ukrainian Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant Attack. Fortunately, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency data, all the important equipment of the Europe's biggest nuclear power plant was saved and the radiation levels stayed unchanged. Still, the markets have already reacted with European stocks slumping again.

Another biggest issue for today is the continuing disruption of energy supplies caused with the massive international anti-Russian sanctions. The vice chairman of IHS Markit Daniel Yergin has already stated that the big supply crisis is about to come. Russia is still the biggest oil and gas producer so the world economies are going to experience drastic fall in growth long after the crisis that currently shows no signs of ending. 

See the summary of the markets’ reaction on March 4:

  • BRENT OIL has recovered 1.00% after the recent pullback and stays high enough at the current 111.56 rate.
  • GOLD keeps climbing new heights and rises 0.54% up to 1,946.10.
  • USD INDEX regains 0.32% by reaching 98.105 rate.
  • DOW JONES loses 0.29% and slumps to 33,794.66.
  • NASDAQ is traded 1.56% lower lending at 13,537.94.
  • DAX slides down severely by losing 3.16% and reaching 13,263.20.
  • FTSE 100 keeps following the DAX fall and descends to 7,021.37 traded 0.27% lower.

Current trends

The second ceasefire talks didn’t show satisfying results so the global sentiment over the Ukranian conflict is still pessimistic. However, as the nuclear danger seems to be over, the assets might regain their previous positions. Here’s the info on the currently recognized trends.

  • Strong buy: BRENT OIL
  • Sell: DOW JONES
  • Neutral: NASDAQ, DAX, FTSE 100

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