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“Profit Power” Contest

Where excellent trading strategies are challenged, and the opportunity to win belongs to traders with a "cool head"!

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Campaign period:

01 June - 30 June

“Profit Power” Contest

Trade Gold and turn profitable trades into points, compete with other skilled traders, and win the most attractive cash prizes.


Earn points for each profitable Gold trade. The higher the profit, the more points you earn, defeat other traders even with just one trade with significant profit!

Terms & Conditions

Stay updated with the leaderboard of top-scoring traders weekly by following the MTrading Vietnam Facebook page.

Win attractive cash prizes

  • 2000 USD

    Prize 1
  • 1000 USD

    Prize 2
  • 500 USD 2 Third Prizes

    Prize 3
  • 100 USD 6 Consolation Prizes

    Prize 4

Top traders by volume

  • 1 place
    183.75 lots
    Ung D. / e************8@gmail.com
  • 2 place
    173.63 lots
    Duong *** H. / t**************4@gmail.com
  • 3 place
    64.86 lots
    Nguyen M. / m*************l@gmail.com
  • 4
    46.51 lots
    Chau *** H. / h***********7@gmail.com
  • 5
    41.24 lots
    Tran *** A. / t********1@gmail.com
  • 6
    20.02 lots
    Tran N. / n*********4@gmail.com
  • 7
    10.37 lots
    Tran T. / t*********1@gmail.com
  • 8
    8.03 lots
    Nguyen *** D. / n****************9@gmail.com
  • 9
    3.32 lots
    Nguyen *** Q. / d*********4@gmail.com
  • 10
    1.03 lots
    Tran T. / t********3@gmail.com
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Push yourself out of your comfort zone & test your skills in a competition!

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How to participate?


Click "Join Now" in your Trader’s Room

Step 1

Fill out the registration form

Step 2

Open a new MT4 M.Premium account and trade Gold

Step 3

Follow the MTrading Vietnam Fanpage for the latest updates

Step 4
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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • The Contest is only applicable to newly created and verified MT4 M.Premium accounts.

  • Only profitable GOLD trades will be counted for scoring.

  • After registering for the Contest, Participants need to deposit the required amount (following the chosen Deposit Level) into the registered MT4 account in a single transaction (accumulated deposits are not accepted). Deposits made before registration are not considered valid.

  • The Company will announce the list of winners through the MTrading Vietnam Facebook page within one week after the Contest ends and will transfer the guaranteed cash prizes to the winners’ wallets within one week from the announcement date.
Terms & Conditions