Tips to Reboot After Trading Frustration

Forex trading frustrations can really demotivate. Don't give up, because every mistake is a precious lesson. Read our guide on how to recover after a day trading frustration for better results in the future.

day trading frustration
Brief Intro to Stock Charts and Tips to Read Them

Free forex charts and indicators are the main instruments helping the trader to find out major information about the instrument. Learn how to read stock charts online today.

Brief Intro to Stock Charts and Tips to Read Them
Why Traders See the Same Chart Differently

Reading trading charts is a vital thing for beginner traders and pros. However, two people can see trading charts differently. Learn why it is so.

how to read trading charts
How to Trade Stocks with MTrading in 3 Simple Steps

Learn how to trade stocks online with the top broker. Open a free DEMO account and trade stocks online without risk and test your strategy.

how to trade stocks online
How COVID-19 Affects The Forex Market & COVID Trading Tips

How COVID-19 affects the FX market? Answers to popular concerns about the global coronavirus pandemic and its subsequent effect on the financial markets. Will there be any forex trading continuity? Will there be overall market continuity? Find answers here!

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How to Earn On the Falling Market - Real-Life Examples

Do you have enough courage to trade during crisis? Read on to see the top tips on trading in these hard times, and see best traders who managed to make their fortune during the crisis.

MT4 for Mac OS

Download and install the MetaTrader 4 trading platform on your MacBook, iMac or any other Mac with OS X. No emulators or third party software installation is required.

MT4 for Windows

Download MetaTrader 4 for Windows and sign in to financial markets with a popular platform. Multiple timeframes, EA's, range of technical indicators and an intuitive interface.

Forex Trading Ultimate Guide: Part 1

This article is a beginner’s guide for Forex traders. Read the article to find out how Forex works, what instruments to trade and what quotes and liquidity are.

Forex Trading Ultimate Guide: Part 2

This article is a beginner’s guide for Forex traders. Read the article and learn everything about the spread and CFDs, see how leverage can boost or ruin your trade and grasp some trader’s vocabulary!

Forex Trading Ultimate Guide: Part 3

This article is a beginner’s guide for Forex traders. Read the article and find there much useful info about trading psychology, market analysis, risk management and popular forex strategies going with trading tips!

How to Trade Commodities

This article contains information about the types of commodities and ways to invest in them, explains how to trade commodities, including CFDs, and what drives commodity prices.

Major Currencies in Forex Trading

This article explains how to read currency exchange rates, how to trade currency pairs, what is the best time for trading currencies, and what makes a currency pair liquid.

best currency to trade, forex currency, how to trade currency, best currency pair
How to Read Forex Charts

Find out what types of Forex charts exist, how to analyze them and why reading candlestick charts is the best thing you can learn today.

forex charts, candlestick charts, trading chart,
The Most Successful Forex Traders

Wonder who are the most successful traders ever? Read the stories of men who made millions on short trading, and are still the brightest examples of talented traders.