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Forex Trading Tips to Lose Properly

Losing capital during Forex trading is not the best topic to discuss. However, priming your brain for losing properly will let you recover faster and with milder consequences. Even the best Forex broker or advanced trading software will never guarantee 100% success.


At some point, you will lose. However, the majority of beginners refuse to accept this fact. They overlook the importance of learning how to lose properly to make their Forex strategies as flexible and effective as possible.

In this article, we will discuss several steps to make potential failures less stressful. They can help investors enhance their day trading approaches. Additionally, the concept can be applied to long-term trading.

Forex Trading with a Proper Mindset

One of the most important features is to have the ability to prime your brain on losing properly. That doesn't necessarily mean convincing yourself you are going to fail. A positive mindset is very important, especially when keeping your trading emotions under control instead of chasing a loss.

On the other hand, getting ready for potential stumbling blocks and markets moving unexpectedly against you is vital. So, here is what you can do.

1. Learn How to Approach the Forex Market

No one is safe from mistakes. What you can do is learn from your previous failures. After all, the main objective for every investor is to cut down on losing orders.

The second factor that defines a successful approach to Forex trading is to keep a winning strategy last for as long as possible.

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In reality, we can see many newbies using Forex strategies without even having a trading plan with some strict rules to follow. Entering the niche and hoping one will only win all trades is unacceptable. This is one of the reasons why more than 90% of beginners fail.

The key to success is to consider every loss as another step to bring your Forex strategies closer to perfection. From the learning perspective, copy trading can be a perfect solution for beginners, as they have a chance to watch professionals trading, learn from them, and participate in the process of developing an effective investing technique based on their peer’s experience.

2. Ditch Your Ego

Ego appears to be one of the most destructive factors when it comes to Forex trading. If you have no will to accept and analyze mistakes, your strategy is doomed to failure before it is even brought to life.

Doubling down, over-trading, chasing losses in an effort to recover quickly after a loss, trading in tilt – these are the signs of a person unable to ditch his or her ego. Once again, losing is natural. Traders have nothing to do but deal with it. Once your strategies are left without the emotional impact, you can watch them improve right away.

Forex Trading Tips to Lose like a Pro

Let’s consider that you have accepted the truth and nature of real-life trading. The next stage is to keep in mind the following 6 steps that will help you fail properly preventing from losing all your capital:

  • The first step is to realize that losses are natural. Winning and losing – this is what Forex trading actually is. Generally, if you do not gain profit, you lose. It is a natural process you need to learn to deal with.
  • The second step is to minimize potential failures. This is where you might need specific risk-management strategies, back-testing tools, demo accounts, paper trading, and other options that will let you test selected Forex strategies without putting your capital at risk.
  • When entering a real Forex market, define the amount of cash you are willing to spend. As a rule, experts recommend depositing not more than you can afford. A trader should feel comfortable with the sum he or she can potentially lose. One more thing, never use pips to measure risks. Always measure it in real cash.
  • The next stage is to calculate the position size for each trade. Here, traders have to select the best place to set stop-loss orders. No matter how much you are willing to trade, make sure that it will not exceed the sum you can afford (remember the previous step).
  • Once a trade is placed, forget about it. From this moment, you can hardly change the situation no matter if the market moves for or against you. The simplest way to keep your emotions under control is to stop interfering with an open order. Do something else and try to keep your thoughts away from the trade until it is closed.
  • Do not try to avoid a loss. It is impossible.

The Bottom Line

Beginners should never blow off the idea of losing properly. They keep on making the same mistakes again and again leaving the Forex market empty without even getting started. Of course, we all have dreams and desires to grow wealthy and rich in minutes. However, Forex trading is hardly the place for such delusions.

If you are able to put emotions away and ditch your ego, you will avoid the majority of issues many beginners face. At least, you will know how to avoid chasing losses putting your budget even at a greater risk after every small failure.

The inability to come to grips with the fact that mistakes WILL happen makes most traders vulnerable. Investors try to avoid failures instead of sticking to the plan. It makes them screw up even more. Keep it cool, use a plan, trade with a comfortable sum, and accept the fact that losing is natural for all Forex strategies.

This material does not contain and should not be construed as containing investment advice, investment recommendations, an offer of or solicitation for any transactions in financial instruments. Before making any investment decisions, you should seek advice from independent financial advisors to ensure you understand the risks.