What Is Fiscal Policy and How to Define It?

To explain fiscal policy, we need to think of a financial infrastructure that was implemented to let the economy stay on the flow. In other words, fiscal policy is the governmental process of helping the economy keep running smoothly.

What Is the Meaning of Stock Exchange?

The meaning of stock exchange defines a centralized platform where people can trade public shares established by private and public organizations.

IPO Meaning in Stock Market Explained

PO meaning in stock market can be defined as the Initial Public Offering. It introduces a list of shares that are available for purchase by the general public via a stock exchange.

How to Buy Shares – an Ultimate Guide

Read our guide on how to buy shares where we are going to discuss simple ways to purchase these long-term dividend units online.

What Is Devaluation and What Does It Mean for Traders?

Devaluation is the intentional process of reducing the currency value.

What Are Blue Chip Stocks?

Blue chip stocks are assets issued by the leading international companies and organizations with a flawless reputation and excellent performance over decades.

Market Segmentation Explained for Beginners

Market segmentation is a set of actions necessary for dividing specific markets and consumers’ groups and subgroups into categories based on their specific characteristics.

Trading Glossary: All the Basic Terms

We collected all the basic terms associated with trading and markets for you to refer to.

Glossary: Trading Terms
Market Structure Definition and Classifications

Understanding the concept of market structure as well as its definition is crucial for investors and traders who rely on technical analysis.

Who Is a Trader – Understanding “A Trader” Term

Who is a trader and what are the main challenges of working in the financial market? Today, we are going to have a more detailed look at the term to define trader in all of its forms, variations, and trading strategy types.

What are Capital Expenditures, Their Types, and Challenges?

Capital expenditures or CapEx for short describe a company’s funds that are mainly invested in maintaining, purchasing, or improving its long-term assets.

PPP Meaning and Theory Explained to Beginners

Before we identify the PPP meaning, we need to figure out what PPP is. The abbreviation stands for purchasing power parity.

Tilting Meaning and Steps to Avoid It

Many people have come across titling meaning that is generally connected with poker. However, it can also refer to trading and the financial market.

Parity Meaning in Trading Explained

Parity meaning is generally used in the context of price as well as different types of assets and markets. Parity definition describes two traded instruments with equal value.

Correlation Meaning Explained for Beginners

In the context of financial trading, correlation meaning describes the way how the price of different assets makes certain moves concerning each other.